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You cited a source for your paper; ancient Britons sited Stonehenge on a plain; Columbus’s lookout sighted land. (“Many factors led to the Reformation.”) Such a sentence usually opens a vague, boring, weaseling paragraph. If you believe that the Reformation had many causes, then start evaluating them. More than likely, you have not earned these words and are implying that you have said more than you actually have. Use them sparingly, only when you are concluding a substantial argument with a significant conclusion. The first limits the action to interring ; the second limits the group interred (i.e., not Italian Americans); the third limits the time of interring (i.e., not during other wars).

(“Having examined the origins of the Meiji Restoration in Japan, it is apparent that…”) Apparent to whom? (“After going on the Long March, there was greater support for the Communists in China.”) Who went on the Long March? Always pay attention to who’s doing what in your sentences. If you don’t need to restrict the meaning of your sentence’s subject, then don’t.

Please find below the process through which you have to submit. To keep this short, I’m well versed in USA history, English & literature, as well as neuro-diversity or other developmental issues in children. I enjoy topics from food, construction, security, and many more. My name is Analeah Rubit and I am sophomore in high school and I was wondering if there is like an age limit for those who enjoy writing about history. I am very interested in history and I enjoy writing about it as well.

If you love to write about history; and explain its importance to people today, please send us a story. We will look at the submission and if we like your writing, we will post it. If we love what you send, we might even let you become a regular contributor. Please note that we do not charge a fee for publishing articles on Historic UK, neither do we provide payment for articles which are featured on the website. Students will learn to use interdisciplinary methods from the humanities and social sciences to probe the sources of the past for answers to present questions. They will learn to draw comparisons and connections among diverse societies across a range of historical eras.

Another approach is to include new information that the authors ignored. For example, the authors say nothing about omens. If one analyzes omens in the conquest, will it change the theses or interpretations presented in the textbook? Or, can one really present a Spanish or Mexica perspective? Another approach is to make your own thesis, i.e., one of the biggest reasons for the conquest was that Moctezuma fundamentally misunderstood Cortés.

By submitting your article, you agree that we reserve the right to lightly edit your article submission for spelling, grammar, and clarity. Upon submission, you confirm that it is your work and that you are the legal copyright holder of the submitted work. We will not be held responsible for any and all copyright disputes or actions, which may result because of copyright infringement issues. Please be advised that the JHI Blog is separate from theJournal of the History of Ideas.


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