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It is also more common for dormitories to be self-catered in the UK, while the US normally provides a range of full dining options for its students. One potentially significant difference is that maid service is common in the residence halls in the UK, although students pay a nominal fee for this service. By contrast, in the US, you apply to the larger university and for the first year or more, you take courses from a variety of fields and only declare a major at the end of the first year or perhaps even during the second year. American universities have different “schools,” or departments, such as the School of Arts and Sciences, which houses a number of related majors.

This question can be answered in a nutshell by saying that the key choices you’ll have to make are when to study abroad, what to study, and how to pay for it. Make sure everything fits into your schedule before we go into the specifics of how to study abroad. Send your sample guest article for review to Paste the article title and content in the body of the email. Our mission is to connect the next generation of African Leaders to educational and developmental opportunities and knowledge.

If at all you want to add an infographic to the article, you must embed the code. We also tweak the title of the article and make it SEO friendly and reader-friendly. The link that you add in the informative article should be directed to a reliable blog, but not to any product, commercial site or affiliate marketing site. Our Main Motive is to educate people who are visiting our blog. After submitting, your post will be reviewed by our staff and then published. Above all else, I pride myself on my cultural sensitivity when I find myself in the company of others who do not share a similar background as mine.

Any other ideas or tips you may have regarding short-term, seasonal, and summer jobs abroad. Country Guides — unique, factual, and original — corresponding to types of work, study, travel, and living in countries and regions you know from experience. Living abroad, moving, expat life, and long-term travel, sometimes with a working component. Work permits, housing, education, and all elements related to expatriate life. Multimedia is now expected by all those who read about anything related to travel and is a very effective way of engagement.

Therefore, many students express not knowing what exactly it is they are supposed to write about. From practical to whimsical, our gift guide makes holiday shopping easier — leaving you more time to spend with your student. Share tips you’ve learned, new discoveries in your field of expertise, resolutions to problems you’ve solved, etc. Casita will not accept any articles that have been published, or are due to be published, on any other website. We are currently reviewing articles and queries for TransitionsAbroad.com, which receives millions of visitors yearly from an educated worldwide audience. To see a collection of articles recently published by Transitions Abroad go to the Study Abroad section of our site or see our annual Student Travel Writing Contest winners.

If you follow these steps (plus review our own list of scholarships below!) we’re confident you can find at least a few funding opportunities to make study abroad more affordable. Upon applying to any CET program, you’ll gain access to CET’s scholarships application. The Global Access Initiative Travel Grant helps cover outbound and return airfare to all CIEE program locations for students who demonstrate financial need. All students who receive a Federal Pell Grants are guaranteed a GAIN Travel Grant. CIEE GAIN Travel Grants are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Awarded to an exceptional KGP applicant every year as of 1985, the application requires several essays illustrating the applicant’s values, experiences, financial need, and involvement in the community.


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Financial limitations shouldn’t prevent you from studying abroad with us. That’s why IES Abroad offers more than $6 million in scholarships and aid. IES Abroad offers a number of diversity scholarships and grants to provide opportunities for traditionally underrepresented communities in study abroad.

In order to be accepted as a QS Student Writer, you must be studying at either undergraduate or postgraduate level, either within your own country or abroad. Check with the government of the country you want to study abroad in — some give financial support to international students. We at Semester at Sea are committed to our students and understand the financial burdens placed on students to earn the best education possible. This is why Semester at Sea awards $5 million in scholarships and grants annually. ISA is committed to increasing all students’ access to study abroad’s many benefits. We don’t let financial hardships to get in the way of a life changing educational experience.

Movements such as Slow Food® highlight how food provides a connection to the land from which it is produced. Details of culinary travels and off-the-beaten-track discoveries of local food are welcome. Since wines are being cultivated in more and more regions of the world, wine tours — whether in small groups or solo — have long been one of the most relaxing ways to travel. Detailed itineraries describing wine tours, including references to the people, land, and foods which accompany the experience are ideal. If you’re a keen writer and would be interested in sharing your university experience with students around the world, sign up to become a QS Student Writer today.

You might find that you have an as-yet undiscovered talent for hiking, water sports, snow skiing, golf, or various other new sports you may never have tried back home. The following guidelines are to be followed while writing the articles. Gain real-world experience globally and build your international network by participating in a Writing internship abroad. We reject the articles that are copied from other sites or have been posted on some other sites. The content you submit to us must be unique, original, and away from the breach of copyright infringement or intellectual property.

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