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We also don’t accept self-promotion of your services or products. Writers must be clear and concise and know exactly what they are talking about. You needn’t have blogged before, but you need to know your stuff and be a confident wordsmith . No more than one link to your company’s website in the body of the post.


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Therefore, it must be free from plagiarism and related to the website’s content. Some rules for writing a guest post for the Education Guest Post Site include the word limit of 800 words, unique content, and a descriptive title. Don’t use cliche words or overuse the passive voice.

We won’t publish the article that is already published somewhere. If there are any grammatical errors or typo errors or weak restructuring of the sentence, we disqualify the post. We do not accept the articles that are talking about something that is harmful to the readers. And we will get back to you if the topic is relevant. Once approved, you can send the article to us at the given email ID.

Sharing ideas and best practice with your colleagues might be second nature, but pitching a story or article idea to the media may be new for you. Our editorial team will discuss your pitch, and if it’s accepted, we’ll ask you to forward a draft of your post. Whilst we don’t have strict word-count restrictions, contributions up to 1000 words are preferred. And once the article gets published on our site, Ezyschooling will have exclusive rights over it.

Thought leaders with in-depth knowledge of online education software, SaaS, L&D, etc. We are therefore searching for teachers, directors, instructors, school chiefs, therapists, specialists, instructive advisors, and PhD students. We also red carpet experts with new thoughts, interesting remarks, and practical advice.

There are many sites on the internet that are providing online free guest post on education but most of them are not have good authority and might be they have not good traffic. Before selecting education sites you have to check their DA, DR, TF and authority rating before proceeding further. Some of them are free and some of them are paid education guest posting sites. To avoid plagiarism in your education guest posts, follow some guidelines. First, use quotations to reference innovative words, unique concepts, and statements.

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