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Electric heaters have been provided under the bridges so that during extreme winters, the birds can take shelter near them. During the summers, coolers and fans have been provided at different places inside the aviary. Different shelters made up of thatched roofs have also been provided at various places to provide refuge during extreme summer as well as rainy season. Ongoing plans for future development include bringing ostriches found in Africa and emu, the largest bird of Australia, to the park. A special enclosure for six birds each of the two species has been prepared.

Shop for the best eagle wood burning from our collection of exclusive, customized & handmade products. Recently, the department carried out successful breeding at the park of an exotic pair of black swans, natives of Australia. So far, 42 chicks of different species, including three of black swan, have taken birth here. The black swan is an expensive and rare bird and it was one of the most successful breedings carried out at the park. Eleven newly-born budgerigars were also recently released in the main enclosure along with four new-born wood ducks in the aquatic aviary of the park. Would the birds kept in captivity not be restricted in their freedom?

The soil there is frozen from 25 to 90 cm down, making it impossible for trees to grow. Instead, bare and sometimes rocky land can only support certain kinds of Arctic vegetation, low-growing plants such as moss, heath , and lichen. Furthermore, other research shows that these high-severity blazes are critical to healthy forest ecosystems. Numerous plants and animals depend on the down logs, snags, and decaying wood that high-severity blazes produce. These climatic/weather conditions seldom occur in any location along with an ignition source. They change stone pieces into iron purely through a scientific process for which they count only on nature, because they collect raw material for it from forests.

Growing population, rapid urbanisation, shifting consumption pattern and changing lifestyles have resulted in the mismanagement of plastic waste, which is causing severe marine pollution and growing burden of marine debris. Man-animal conflictis an existential crisis not only for the animals, but for human beings as well with data showing that about one person has been killed every day for the past three years by roaming tigers or rampaging elephants. Despite a billion people we still have most of our large wildlife species. Compared to relatively lower human density countries in south-east Asia, India today has the largest population of the tiger, Asian elephant, leopard, sloth bear, gaur and many others.

Drug abuse places a huge burden on the financial and human resources. In India, consumption and possession of drugs is illegal and is an offence where arrest can be made. Begin by giving context of rising forms of addictions – drugs, gaming, alcohol, social media etc. The Center for Creative metal to wood fence bracket Leadership even draws on research to suggest that 75% of careers are negatively impacted by emotional competency-related themes. These include the inability to respond adaptively to change, nurture trust, lead teams during tough times, and deal effectively with interpersonal problems.

These tiny particles easily pass through water filtration systems and end up in the ocean and lakes. Next, enumerate policy measures and other initiative to tackle plastic waste management in India. Encouraging state government for creation of a network of protected areas and wildlife corridors for conservation of wildlife.

While neutral tones and clean, Scandinavian-style interiors have been a long-standing favourite for homeowners, experts have revealed that “modern maximalism” in the form of natural-world-inspired wall designs and murals are the trends to watch in 2023. No matter how daunting the idea of bold colours and intricate designs may be, they explained that both are easier to DIY on a budget than you may think. The Chandigarh Bird Park is more than a journey to exotic birds — it’s a flight of fancy to nature’s wonderland. All this has been made possible due to the meticulous care taken by the staff. The environment is controlled and adequate arrangements have been made to protect the birds against extreme weather conditions.

In 1938 national planning committee set up under congress president Subhash Chandra Bose. Restrictions and ban on press, certain books, newspapers, and illegal organisations was lifted. It was to bring about social reforms through the legislature and administration in the provinces and at the same time carry on the struggle for independence and prepare the people for the next phase of mass struggle. In the next part, bring out the performance of congress in its 28 month short rule. In detail analyse how congress performed with respect to land reforms, labour reforms, Civil Liberties, Release of Political Prisoners, Press and Constructive work undertake by the Congress.

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