What You Need to Know About Butterfly Locs

Showcase your work and get connected with naturals who have kinky, coily or curly hair looking for a hairstylist in their area. Join us to promote love and support for healthy natural hair. If you are looking to install your butterfly locs yourself, we recommend the following steps. Butterfly loc hairstyles typically last anywhere from a month to 6 weeks when they’re properly installed. High ponytails are so pretty with butterfly locs and really take on a fun and flirty look with all that texture.

You can use nail glue as you’re wrapping the remaining inch or two for extra hold. The loop is very important, it will give you a nice end to your loc and keep the loc secure. “Be careful cutting the locs because it’s very easy to snip your hair,” Charles advises.

Your parts should be neat to give your style a more polished and defined look. You should also make sure you moisturize your hair during this step. Using a hair milk or curling cream will add the moisture you need to keep your hair moisturized, while it is in a protective style. Make sure you moisturize because your hair can quickly become dry in protective styles. While they don’t look precisely like butterflies, butterfly locs are a gorgeous variation of faux locs. Longer hair is heavier and puts more tension on the scalp when styled in hanging braids or locs.

You can choose to either braid your hair entirely or not. Ensure that you wrap about 6-7 times at the base of your hair to keep it firm. However, you can choose to go messy while wrapping the remaining part of your hair. Simply take two pieces of water waves locs extensions and separate into two. However, you need to ensure you use hydrating products, wash your locs with dry shampoo or let them air dry if you use a liquid shampoo. While you clean your locs, ensure you clean your scalp too, to avoid frizz or the growth of dandruff.

This type of dreadlock can be achieved with either natural or synthetic hair, and is a popular choice for those who want to achieve an elegant and stylish look. Butterfly locs are a type of dreadlock hairstyle that involves twisting two strands what type of hair do you need for butterfly locs of hair around each other to form a rope-like strand. Before doing so, make sure that the hair is divided into two even sections. On average people use 6-8 packs of Freetress water wave hair in inches to achieve their desired look.

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