What Kinds of Questions are on the EA?

In an effort to put most of the procedural information you need about the Executive Assessment exam at your fingertips, we have pulled together a list of 20 frequently asked questions about the exam. We address everything from prep to registration to test day, all on one page. Admissions exams change over time and the Executive Assessment exam is no different. In fact, since being launched in 2016, it’s already changed twice.

You should focus more on the standard types of questions such as Find the Assumption, Strengthen, Weaken, and Inference. At PrepTerminal we are here to provide you with the techniques and processes you need to enable your success in your leadership assessment test. We will give you the tools and tactics that will help you develop an effective mindset and attitude towards the two parts of this test; the personality questionnaire and the situation and judgment test.

First, although most of these questions are easy- and medium-level, if you’re just starting your EA journey, some of the questions might seem hard to you. With proper preparation, you can get yourself to a point at which EA test questions become second nature. As of October 2020, there are around 100 B-schools globally accepting EA scores. Find below a list of the popular ones, along with their corresponding programs. This section has 12 questions that need to be answered in 30 minutes on the interpretation and evaluation of information plotted in charts, graphs, etc. You require data interpretation and analysis skills to ace this section.

My hypothesis about why that’s the case is maybe they don’t have quite as large a pool of questions so they don’t want students seeing redundant questions and so forth. Maybe as they build out the question pool to the size of the GMAT or the GRE, for example, students will be allowed to take it more. Maybe it’s something completely unrelated to that.

I think philosophically, that difference is important in terms of the mindset you bring into preparing for the Executive Assessment. Again, there should be a little bit of liberation there because it should take some of the pressure off of you. It’s not necessarily easy to get even just a 150 on the Executive Assessment but you certainly don’t need to be shooting for the 90th percentile in most cases. So for the Executive Assessment, you just get one score, unlike the GMAT, where you get three different scores. It’s all lumped together with the Executive Assessment. From that standpoint, Integrated Reasoning is more important and plays a bigger role in the Executive Assessment.

Similar to the first two sections, it is possible to miss up to two questions in this half and still get the 10+ scale score for this section, which is usually the target for most candidates. So if you get stuck on something, don’t spend more valuable time on it at the expense of other questions that you might be able to complete more easily. Despite that, a growing number of business schools rely on EA to gain insights into the caliber of their applicants and their readiness for business school. As for what is a good Executive Assessment score, top business schools like Wharton, Booth, Columbia, etc. accept scores within the range of 150 to 160 and above.

The GMAC, though, has a whole suite of official resources on their website. Right now, I send all of my students to the GMAC website for the official Executive Assessment practice tests. What I mean by that is having a question pop up on your computer screen and literally fixating on it and feeling like you have to get it right even if it takes you three minutes, four minutes, five minutes. Now you’ve blown up the exam from a time management standpoint.

The leadership assessment typically includes two types of exams; the Personality Assessment and the Situational Judgement Test . The personality assessment is administrated to determine a candidate’s internal character traits and specifically those traits that have an effect on the way they conduct themselves at work. The leadership SJTs are used to assess how well candidates who are applying for high-end jobs arrive at decisions and handle work-related situations.

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Your performance on the IR section will not impact your starting point on the verbal and quant sections — you’ll have a clean slate for each new section. It measures the ability to understand and assess information. So, data analysis and interpretation are crucial here. It is worth noting that you should stick to the time restrictions as closely as possible as well as putting yourself in an environment that simulates what it will be like on test day. One of the fastest-growing graduate business schools in Southern California, shaping the future by developing leading thinkers who will stand at the forefront of business growth. Each problem-solving question includes a question section and five possible answers to choose from.

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