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What is DevOps? Amazon Web Services AWS

His areas of interest are – DevOps, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and… Saurabh is a technology enthusiast working as a Research Analyst at Edureka…. PowerShell Magazine is a statically built site that uses markdown format for all articles. We recommend that you use PSMagAuthorToolkit module for creating (New-PSMagArticle) a markdown draft for your article. If you are a first time PowerShell Magazine author, you need to use New-PSMagAuthorPage for generating a markdown page for author profile.


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There are a few key practices that help organizations innovate faster through automating and streamlining the software development and infrastructure management processes. Most of these practices are accomplished with proper tooling. Podcasts are a great way to learn from industry experts about specific topics.

Your blog will be edited by our editors and the feedback will be sent to you accordingly. We expect you to work on them as soon as possible and be as enthusiastic as we are to get the post live. Once the topic is finalized from our end, write an elaborate article and send it for a review. You can also send us the image references and ideas that you would like to have in your article. Besides, infographics, listicles are more than welcome.

We look for content that enlightens, engages, educates, and empowers our audience. Unsponsored articles should not include product pitches or SEO content. However, contributors can include up to 2 links to their company site and links to supporting reference sites within the body of the article, and one link is allowed in the author bio. The DevOps model relies on effective tooling to help teams rapidly and reliably deploy and innovate for their customers.

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