What does gota mean in Spanish?

▲ to break Al caer se quebró un brazo.He broke his arm when he fell. Pueblo town, villageEste es un pueblo muy pintoresco.This is a very picturesque what does siete gotas mean in english village. ▲ peopleEs un hombre del pueblo.He’s a man of the people. Público public¿Hay aquí un teléfono público? Is there a public telephone here?

° empeñarse en to be bent onSe empeña en hacerlo a pesar de los obstáculos.He’s bent on doing it in spite of all obstacles. ▲ to rest, be inactiveDeje que duerma el asunto hasta que yo vuelva.Let the matter rest until I get back. ▲ to put to sleepDuerme al niño.Put the child to sleep. ° dormirse to fall asleepSe durmió en la conferencia.He fell asleep at the lecture. ▲ to go to bed, retireNunca se duerme antes de las doce.He never goes to bed before midnight. Distinguir to distinguish, tell apartEra muy difícil distinguir a los gemelos.It was very difficult to tell the twins apart.

° apagarse to go outSe apagaron las luces.The lights went out. Animación animation, livelinessLa animación de la reunión me sorprendió.The liveliness of the gathering surprised me. Almacén warehouse, stockroom; store, shop; department store; grocery store. Alistarse to enlistSe alistó en la Legión Extranjera.He enlisted in the Foreign Legion. Agradar to be pleasing toEs un tipo que no me agrada.I don’t like his type. Afectar to moveLa noticia le afectó mucho.The news moved him deeply.

° caer por tierra to fall to the ground. ° echar por tierra to overthrow, ruinLe echaron por tierra sus proyectos.They ruined his plans. ° echar tierra a to forget, hush upLe echaron tierra al asunto.They hushed up the matter. ° por tierra overland, by landLa única manera de llegar allí es por tierra.The only way to get there is by land. Sostener to holdSostenía la botella en la mano.He held the bottle in his hand. ▲ to maintain, stick toLo digo y lo sostengo.I say it and I stick to it.

▲ to delay, tie upMis asuntos me entretuvieron hasta muy tarde.My affairs tied me up until very late. ° entretenerse to amuse oneselfNos entretuvimos jugando a las cartas.We amused ourselves playing cards. ▲ to be tied up, be delayedMe entretuve hasta muy tarde arreglando unas cosas.I was tied up until very late getting some things in order. Encuentro meetingFué un encuentro muy afortunado.It was a very fortunate meeting. ° salir al encuentro de to go to meetSalió al encuentro de los invitados.He went to meet the guests. Diente toothTengo un diente picado.I have a cavity in my tooth.

—Adelantaron a todos los demás.They went ahead of all the others. ▲ to passIban a ochenta kilómetros y nos adelantaron.They were doing eighty kilometers and they passed us. ▲ to gain timeSu reloj adelanta.Your watch gains time. Su reloj porque está atrasado.Put your watch ahead; it’s slow. ▲ to be fastMi reloj está adelantado cinco minutos.My watch is five minutes fast.

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