The Ultimate Guide to Pitching Machines

They are commonly used on pitching machines from JUGS, First Pitch and Heater Sports. If your kid is young and just starting, you’re better off buying one of the cheaper pitching machines than other expensive options, even though high-end models are a lot more durable. You can upgrade once you’re confident your child is interested and intends to continue playing.

Enough consternation about the 2022 lockout’s potential for disaster. Here’s why the lockout comes at a great time for baseball. These are some of the lower octane models that are more realistic in a large backyard, or even garage if you’re using harmless balls. Setting up an Iron Mike in the living room in front of the glass patio door?

The M3X machine will also pivot straight up to allow for practicing pop-ups to the catcher. This is is one of hardest situations in baseball to simulate. Along with the great features that JUGS offers, they also have a digital readout speed display. This makes selecting a speed extremely easy and efficient. Don’t use balls with a slick, protective coating on them.

Give us a call and we’ll be glad to help you find the right machine for your needs and budget. The Rawling Pro Line is another excellent professional pitching machine on the market. Unlike most other 3 wheel pitching machines, the Rawlings machine is available as a baseball, softball or a combination pitching machine. This is great for leagues or schools that will use the machine for multiple teams. Two-wheeled units need time consuming adjustments to the throwing head when switching from fastballs to curveballs or right to left handed breaking pitches. If you are doing it wrong, you will spend more money on baseballs and softballs over the life of a pitching machine than on the actual pitching machine.

If you are a coach, and you do not have a good command and control of your pitches and/or good fungo skills, having a pitching machine will be like having an experienced assistant. The three-wheel design changes the breaking pitch plane by simply adjusting wheel speed dials. Keep in mind you can always try to save a buck by shopping for used or reconditioned pitching machines on eBay, Craigslist, or somewhere else. You can throw up to 500 pitches at the max speed of 70mph before having to charge the battery.

Since it was late in the day, I quickly ordered it and it was shipped the very next day. Hello Anthony, No the spinball 3 does not come with a cover but we do offer covers that will work with the spinball machine. We work very hard to ensure that we offer the absolute best prices online.

The ONLY difference between the Spinball machine and the Rawlings machine is the color and that one uses knobs and the other uses buttons for pitch selection. I think the choice is clear on which pitching machines are the best amongst the three and your only decision should be “buttons or knobs” and, of course, price. If nothing stated, above, convinces you that there 2 seam vs 4 seam grip are differences in these pitching machines, they all have a different price. The Hack Attack is the most expensive at $3,629, followed by the Rawlings Pro Line 3 Wheel at $3,448 and the Spinball Wizard 3 Wheel being the least expensive at $3,248. The Rawlings/Spinball automatic feeder holds 35 baseballs – more than twice as many as most automatic ball feeders.

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