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Stabila high-quality vials for optimum readability – highly transparent, hard-wearing acrylic glass with precision-ground inner contours and fluorescent vial liquid. The Type 80 ASM-2 reinforced aluminium rectangular profile, together with STABILA installation technology, ensures accuracy and a long service life. The LD 220 is a professional entry level tool for the most frequently needed measuring tasks, giving you accurate results and ultimately saving time and effort. For other miscellaneous items that may not fit specifically in any of these categories,Stabila Accessoriesmay have what you’re looking for. Since some of thelevel setsor individual levels may not also come with a case, customers always have the option to purchase one separately.

Two vertical vials for quick readings (valid for 24″, 48″ and 72″). Accurate measuring in all positions – 2 measuring surfaces, suitable for reverse position measurements. End caps with an slip-stopper – for a firm grip when marking. If you are looking for a level with extra strong rare earth magnets, this is the right one to fit your needs. Professional builders need a strong accurate level that they can absolutely rely on. The aluminium profile with reinforcing ribs and the STABILA locked vial system is designed for durability and precision levelling.

If customers find that the LAX 300 isn’t what they need, another option is the 90 Degree Floor Line Laser. For construction workers that are trying to lay tile or other types of flooring with expert accuracy. Unlike chalk marks, which aren’t always straight or may fade over time, a laser line from this tool will remain visible and bright as long as you need it to. Not to mention, turning off a laser is often much easier than scrubbing off marker or trying to peel up tape. Stabila lasers provide instant, exact measurements in multiple dimensions. They are self-leveling, have visible beams, and you can mount them on walls or tripods for convenience.

The product range comprises spirit levels, lasers, electronic measuring tools, folding rules and tape measures. More than 550 employees are committed to Stabila’s success worldwide, including 350 in Germany at the headquarters at Annweiler in the Palatinate. traditional guam jewelry The Stabila brand can be found in over 70 countries and, in many of these, it is the market leader in important measuring technology sectors. Lora Tradex is the preferred manufacturer and trader of a vast collection of Stabila Spirit Levels.

STABILA Plate Levels are designed for precisely positioning top and bottom wall plates plumb quickly. Stabila 196 Level Set Kit with crystal clear vials readable in any direction with no change in accuracy tolerance. The Stabila LAX 400 Pro Liner Multi-Line Self Leveling Laser offers 360 Horizontal line, two vertical lines at 90 degrees to each other and plumb points with bright, crisp lines and dot. Easy-to-use with basic functions for measuring up to a distance of 165ft. Ideal for everyone who works indoors and needs to easily document a high volume of measurements. In some circumstances, you may even be able to fit multiple levels inside the case.

Rulers and tape measures aren’t the only items that Stabila has to offer within their measurement category. The LD 520 Laser Measure includes a video camera with a zoom function as well as a built-in calculator. Although the primary function of this laser measure is to take measurements, its usefulness doesn’t stop there.

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