Social Media Clean Up Tips for Businesses

Once all items are flagged, you get to decide if you want to delete it or ignore it. And as a Premium member, you can review all damaged posts, and scan your connected profiles whenever you’d like rather than just getting a one-time scan. We mistakenly think that what we post on social media is private and clearly intended for our friends. Privacy settings on our social media accounts give the illusion that we have ultimate control over who sees what when it comes to our posts. From hacks and leaks, to screenshots, to our own bad judgement – anything that you share online can easily become public knowledge. Sign out of your social media accounts or login and “view your profile as public” to see what strangers can see.

Jennifer WillFirst of all, we should unfollow accounts that we are not interested in. This will not only make your feed less messy but also more positive. When the jar is full, it can be donated to an institution that helps end cyberbullying. That will motivate students to be on their best behavior and will remind them that it is their duty to uphold a standard for their online presence.

Instead, make sure that your profile clean up is performed in concert with strategic brand building. All you need to do is connect your profiles by logging into your social media accounts through the BrandYourself dashboard. Once those are successfully connected, BrandYourself’s software will get to work and find all potentially damaging content that can ultimately ruin your online reputation. If you can’t bring yourself to manually review your social media activity during that emo phase in high school on your own, don’t worry. Regardless of the date that you signed up for BrandYourself or the date you initially created your social media accounts, our software will find red flags.

Now that we’re spring cleaning your social media accounts, it’s a good time take stock of all of the accounts you have and which ones you actually use. It’s so easy to create them, and it’s possible a few of them have fallen into disuse over the years. Do you have any social media clean up tips that aren’t mentioned in the list above? Has your child been affected by a negative digital footprint?

In some instances, it’s best to delete those accounts entirely if they aren’t being used anymore. You don’t want a college admissions officer or ahiring manager to find a long-lost account on social media and see those rubbish posts. According to define karen in social media a CareerBuilder survey, 70% of employers research job candidates on social media. If your online profiles are filled with your weekend antics, disparaging comments, and racy photographs, it will give potential employers the wrong impression.

We need your email address so we can send you an email when your report is done. On the next step, you’ll be able to connect your social networks. Of the hundreds of millions of posts we’ve flagged, less than 0.01% of them have been looked at by a human. There may be nothing, or there may be quite a bit depending on how active you are online. Go through the results and see if there’s anything you’d prefer an employer not find.

If you have a considerable presence, but Google brings up not-so-good headlines about you, it’s not a good thing either. You can get ahead of recruiters and potential clients by frequently googling yourself to see what comes up. Without doubt, the biggest criticism we all have of social media is that everyone always looks fabulous! Worry-free protection for your privacy, identity and all your personal devices. McAfee +Products Worry-free protection for your privacy, identity and all your personal devices. We are a Online Reputation and Privacy Management Company that helps our clients Restore, Promote, and Protect their online image.

We never think that the photo or video posted online years ago would factor into an important life decision like applying for a job or a collegiate program. There are a variety of tools that can help keep your information safe while posting online. Try private browsingnext time you use social media to enhance the security of your accounts.

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