Sacramento Beer Week 2016 return

Drawing more than six million visitors annually, Oktoberfest Munich is best known for its world-famous beer tents, 14 of which are capable of seating up to 10,000 beer patrons, as well as its traditional Bavarian music and plenty of great food. However, this 16-day festival is not just reserved for beer fans, as it’s also a family-friendly event with amusement rides, parades and special events. Referred locally as the Wiesen, Oktoberfest is held on a massive 4.5-million-square-foot public area known as the Theresienwiese. Due to the massive crowds, visitors are strongly urged to take advantage of public transportation, as traffic will be gridlocked near the event and parking will be at a premium. The California Craft Beer Summit and Beer Festival is the premier event for the beer loving community.

When you’re here, you’re surrounded by people who care about breweries and independence. Ttendees will be able to able to see, taste and touch the world of small and independent brewing in California through a wide array of displays, tastings, demos and educational seminars. Also brings together a trade show, educational seminars and the opportunity to network with the best in brewing.

So far, I’ve covered topics such as what it’s like to attend an industry conference, bike riding in Sacramento and a list of my favorite tourism industry movies of all time. It might not be the most professional industry blog in the world, but it’s a fun time and a good way to keep up with what we’re doing in Sacramento. The first day had an afternoon start and allowed the attendees a chance to navigate the exhibit floor with less foot traffic than what was expected on Friday. Having been to trade events before, I thought I knew what I was in for. For the latest local news, arts and entertainment, sign up for our newsletter. And we told people about the new Golden 1 Center, our state-of-the-art sports and entertainment complex that opened right in the heart of downtown with two nights’ worth of Paul McCartney shows in October.

The list compiled below represents all the GABF gold medal-winning beers from the last three years that are pouring at this year’s fest. The tentative pour list is exactly that, as there have been periodic changes made in the last few weeks, and all beer is subject to availability. Batch variations are also unavoidable, so it’s very possible that the beer pouring at this year’s fest and the beer that won the medal are in fact very different, despite sharing a name. We also saw our local chefs gaining national recognition and our local farmers getting the credit they deserve for supplying the world’s finest produce.

In many ways it is the perfect place to celebrate the end of another year, but in other ways it is a perfect place to celebrate the beginning of another one. Its location, the close proximity to the city of San Diego, and the fact that it’s an annual event should make it a great location for any event. From San Diego Beer Week in January and the annual San Diego Beer Festival in May to the sacramento beer fest itself in September, San Diego is a great place to visit. GABF styles and category designations vary by year, but I’ve mostly organized this list alphabetically by last year’s categories. San Diego Beer Week is a good example of an event that is trying to be “the place to go.” It’s a chance to get together with local breweries and their customers to taste their wares in a fun and unique way. There’s a lot of great beer to taste and this event is just one more way that the craft beer community is trying to show off its products at a place that makes good beer, and really cares about its communities.

With the Brewers Association releasing the pour list for the first time in recent history, one can put together a pretty nice list of all the gold medal-winning beers pouring this year and make a luxurious day out of it. Often described as the World’s Biggest Pub, the Great British Beer Festival is the largest of its kind in Great Britain. Returning to the historic Olympia Grand, the annual event will offer over 900 real ales, ciders, perries and international beers while attracting del mar beer fest 2015 as many as 60,000 beer lovers who will consume more than 350,000 pints. In addition to more than 300 breweries from all over the UK including Fuller’s, Charles Wells and Brains, the five-day event will also feature live entertainment, a variety of food stalls and even family-friendly activities. The Great British Beer Festival can be reached with London’s underground railway system, although riders must be especially mindful of the gap if they plan to have a beer — or three.

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