Puerto Rico Beer Guide

Dr. Villa adds, “Interest in better health and wellness, active lifestyles, and a reduction in alcohol consumption is fueling the NA trend. It is not that there is anything inherently special or different about Medalla, it’s the feeling of home and pride that comes with drinking the beer. “We have quite a few portfolios, but I felt we needed another to keep up with the growing Hispanic market in Connecticut, so I talked with my bosses. At that time, it was only sold in Puerto Rico and Florida,” Rivera said of his company’s decision to pursue distribution of Medalla. But bringing Medalla to Connecticut was no easy task, as the drink was not sold in any state in the United States until last year when Florida began selling the beer.

This popular attraction in Aguadilla offers up to 16 on-tap flavors including their own and other local breweries beers. The beers of the Caribbean are unique to each island in the region, although many are variants of the same style. Each island generally brews its own unique pale lager, the occasional stout, and often a non-alcoholic malta beverage. Contract-brewing of international beers is also common, with Heineken Pilsener and Guinness Foreign Extra Stout being the most popular.The beers vary between the islands to suit the taste and the brewing method used.

It is the most popular beer on the Island — it even has its own bar in Old San Juan, Taberna Medalla, as well as a sports bar at Distrito T- Mobile. It tastes just like get-togethers and celebrations, no matter the time or place. Select your favourite to view the list of beers by that category produced in Puerto Rico. Grainwave NA is a refreshing, medium-bodied Belgian-Style White Ale, containing only 77 calories, which is brewed with blood orange peel and coriander. It is then dealcoholized to 0.00% alcohol by volume , thus eliminating all alcohol.

The head retains well, and the bubbles are abundant but sensible (ie. not like soda). In 1842, Josef Groll produced the first clear, golden colored lager beer at a new brewery that had been built in the Czech town of Pilsen for the production of Bavarian style lagers. Groll’s beer serves as the inspiration for all golden lagers, AKA Pilsners, that have followed from Becks to Budweiser. In the 1700’s the industrial revolution allowed for the production kiln dried malt which was golden in color, and lacked the smoky flavor of malt that was fire dried. Pure yeast cultures allowed for a better tasting, more consistent product. In the 1800’s lager yeast was isolated, and the first lager beers were produced.

Some stories claim that it was first concocted at the Caribe Hilton Hotel in 1954 by a creative bartender. However, if you head to Barrachina restaurant, you’ll find a plaque at the entrance that says this is the birthplace of the drink, where it was invented by a Spanish mixologist in 1963. JustBeer is a community platform that highlights and showcase Puerto Rico’s finest brewers and awesome locally-made beers. We proudly support the Puerto Rico #DrinkLocal movement.

With everything to do in San Juan, it’s easy to miss Cervecería del Callejón. But, this Old San Juan brewery is one of the city’s hidden gems and a must-stop for beer enthusiasts. Matabuey is an American Amber Ale with a 5.3% ABV, and it’s one of the most popular beers in Cold Blood Brewery. The Pale Ale is one of the visitor’s favorites, but you can also order a flight with four beers and combine it with the Grilled Cheese Sandwich and the Box House Burger. So, if you’re a beer lover, then these are the 11 Puerto Rico breweries you can’t miss.

Live Boricua In Puerto Rico, we call ourselves Boricua, a unique name honoring our Island heritage and the vibrant spirit of our people. When you visit, you’ll find that spirit in yourself, too. Puerto icelandic beer brands Rico’s thriving brewing scene proves that beer can make a small island feel very, very big. August 5th is observed as Beer Day in Puerto Rico, people do not always want a reason to celebrate!

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