Pro Hitter Thumb Guard

Do not place your hand behind the back of your glove. This can lead to an injury if you are fouled off and hit the hand with a ball that is now above or below allpropasser the gloves. Scott Rolen was not on the Jays’ roster when Prohitter was being used but did wear it during a game against the Red Sox later that season.

Thumb-per baseball thumb guards are only currently available on his website, First hopes to have his product in retail stores by next baseball season. The vicinity of hand protection is determined by the area between two joints on the batter’s top hand grasping the bat. The first joint is called the metacarpal phalangeal joint of the thumb, referred to as the proximal joint of the thumb. The second joint is the metacarpal phalangeal joint of the index finger, referred to as the proximal joint of the index finger. When you need to make an inside pitch, use a ProHitter® Grip Aid.

I don’t know how else to describe them. As you watch some of your favorite hitters, check out their thumb on the hand closest to the end of the bat. Some of them are sporting a little tab of plastic that sits between the bat and the space between the thumb and the rest of your fingers. Second, the Prohitter helps reduce hand sting by taking some of the brunt of the vibration away from the top hand and into the plastic piece.

The index finger and the middle finger are particularly important in grasping a bat. Grasping the bat primarily with the fingers instead of the palm not only aids the batter in controlling the bat, but it helps the batter more securely grasp the bat. A grip using primarily the fingers thus increases leverage, bat control and placement, and bat speed, thus allowing a more powerful and accurate batting stroke. Yet another embodiment of the invention is a device to aid a batter in gripping a bat comprising. The invention described above aids the batter in properly gripping a bat.

Order your grip aid today. All shipping charges on bats returned to us must be paid for by the customer sending the return. For replacement bats that need to be shipped to Alaska, Hawaii or overseas the consumer is responsible for paying the shipping charges back to them as well as to our return department.

We at justbatreviews found the little piece to be very helpful—especially for younger players who tend to overgrip the bat and hold it too deep in their palms. The little gadget was simple to use and relatively inexpensive. They even make some youth versions of the Prohitterwhich might end up a really good baseball stocking stuffer.

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