Parental Guidance: Are you guilty of over-parenting?

They may or not have culture or sport as their first aim, but they exist and work to promote the well being of young people which cannot be realised without a social, cultural and sports component. Sports, and especially team games, are an important part of our lives, whether we are spectators or participants. For many, football is a never-ending source of conversation, fans feel a deep affinity with their team, and star players are given the status of heroes.

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Weight problems may also lead to stress, sadness, and low self-esteem in children. Because children grow at different rates at different times, it is not always easy to tell if a child is overweight. For example, it is normal for boys to have a growth spurt in weight and catch up in height later.

You’ll feel guilty for snapping at them, even though you were at the end of your tether (you’re only human)! And almost abnormally, you might feel guilty for NOT snapping at them when maybe they needed a wee telling off…’do I spoil them? ‘ No matter what you do, you’ll feel guilty…especially in the beginning, but these feelings will ease, or you’ll learn to rationalize the mom guilt with yourself.

Besides all the screaming kids do for ice cream, they also “scream” for more stuff. If you’ve ever shopped with a kid, you’ve probably heard at some point, “Can I have this? But I really DO need the complete Frozen action figurine set. But it IS totally different than the four I already have at home.” Sometimes these phrases are accompanied by screaming, crying, empty promises and can even result in breath-holding. We love this one from the Dannemiller family featured in HuffPost, who spent one whole year eliminating unnecessary spending and could only spend money on food and experiences. PHOTO—With hardcopy photos now a thing of the past, your child can also go analog and print digital photos at any number of outlets for a nominal price.

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