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Additionally, N/A% of graduates (N/A students) did not report their race. Graduation rate is defined as the percentage of full-time, first-time students who received a degree or award within a specific percentage of “normal time” to completion for their program. In 2020, 1099 fewer women than men received degrees from

If my team doesn’t spend the time at some level to research new tech, how we will know what other options are out there, and if they are good or not for us? So what I recommend is start by getting any job you can and then continue your education through both being a life long student and through experience. The largest program at is Computer Systems Networking and Telecommunications and its 2022 tuition & fees are $21,543.

The average student can expect to graduate from the with the amount of debt stated below. In N/A, paid a total of $N/A to 0 employees working as instructors, which represents N/A% of all salaries paid. As of 2020, received $0 in grants and contracts from the federal government, $0 from state grants and contracts, and $0 from local grants and contracts. The small bar chart below shows the endowment quintiles for all universities in the Not applicable, not in Carnegie universe (not accredited or nondegree-granting) Carnegie Classification grouping.

The average values are computed based on the data from trade schools’ information for the corresponding vocational program. The total enrollment at, both undergraduate and graduate, is 1,995 students. The full-time enrollment at is 1,995 and the part-time enrollment is 0.

The student demographic with the highest graduation rate at is N/A and N/A (N/A% graduation rate). Across all , Asian Female students have the highest sams club fire pit graduation rate (72.4%). In 2020, 1,456 degrees were awarded to men at, which is 4.08 times more than the number of degrees awarded to females .

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