Mini Lalaloopsy

G-Girl was disappointed that the doll couldn’t hold the flag in her hand, and that the flag didn’t peg in anywhere on the house. Overall, she was disappointed and disinterested, so I carefully packed it up and put it away. We assure the authenticity & quality of our products . All toys are handpicked only upon checking the required certifications for quality and safety.

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Kitty is the most courageous resident in all of Lalaloopsy Land! She loves to sneak up behind you and say “Boo! ” She comes from royalty, but that doesn’t stop her from rolling in the tall grass. She was sewn on October 8th from a king’s cape and has a mouse for a pet. Darling is Lalaloopsy Land’s most avid dragonfly enthusiast.

Build-A-Bear® has more than just teddy bears. Here, you’ll find stuffed animals in all shapes and sizes. Animated Adaptations, such as webisodes, a Made-for-TV Movie and a short-lived TV series on Nick Jr. were made. There was also an official petition to have the franchise stay for good, which proved successful. Wacky is without a question Lalaloopsy Land’s most wackiest resident! He will shout without warning, a riddle and rhyme, and a poem for tea time.

The accessories are small solid plastic pieces. Click here to view our Building Playsets collection. Click here to view our Double Pack and Special collections. Click here to view our Series 10 and Lala-oopsies Vol. Click here to view our Series 6 and 7 collections.

G-Girl was VERY excited about the cardboard house. Once I got everything opened up and handed over to her however, her excitedment quickly turned to frustration. I thought at first it was just a matter of G-Girl being clumsy, but I took a close look and the doll’s shoes have a slant to them. Even propped up against the corner in her house it is pretty much impossible to get her to remain standing. I told G-Girl to sit the doll down, thinking this was a safe bet.

The Mini Lalaloopsy Dolls are small all plastic versions of the Lalaloopsy Dolls. The main difference between the Minis and their larger counterparts is that instead of removeable kaydora doll reviews cloth costumes they have plastic molded clothes. They are hard plastic, with jointed legs that swing and arms that move. Each Mini Lalaloopsy Doll comes with several accessories.

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