mikemcguff com: Sarah Forgany talks KENS 5 career and baby life

Massey now lives in Atlanta and works as a meteorologist and weather producer for The Weather Channel. For nearly 20 years, Sarah Lucero was one of the most familiar faces in San Antonio news as an anchorwoman on KENS 5. … A seasoned runner, triathelete, and half-ironman finisher, the San Antonio native competed in her first marathon at 21. She and her husband, John Calhoon, a heart surgeon, also have their hands full at home.

She joined KENS 5 in San Antonio, Texas in April 2010 working as a morning news anchor. Sarah’s career journey began in 2002 where she started learning every aspect of it ranging from production and editing to reporting and anchoring. Previously, she worked as a weekend anchor and reporter for KLFY in Lafayette, Louisiana. Some of Sarah’s career highlights at KLFY include Hurricanes Gustav and Ike, interviewing former President Bill Clinton, Governor Bobby Jindal as well as Mardi Gras, and also the earthquake in Haiti. Sarah is expecting her first child, ababy girl in this May 2021. She shared about being pregnant during the morning newscast, she also revealed that they were going to have a baby girl.

He covers the Houston and Texas radio, television and newspaper media scene plus other interesting news concerning the Bayou City. For those of you wondering where KENS 5’s Sarah Forgany has been, she finally emerged on social media after about a month of total silence. Many of you had probably noticed she disappeared from your TV screens towards the end of June.

Fred Lozano was a class act, a serious old-school newsman who told it like it was, and he always held himself and his reporting to the highest standards of journalism. Her supposed Instagram account (@sforgany) has over 7 thousand followers but the account has not yet been verified. Likewise, she has over 12 thousand followers mckinli hatch divorce 2020 on her official Twitter account (@ForganySarah) and over 78 thousand followers on her official Facebook account (@SarahForganyKENS5). Whereabouts regarding their marriage ceremony are unknown but it is known that the auspicious ceremony was held only in the presence of their close friends and family members.

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She has also grown into a strong-willed person like her mother. This popped up somewhere, maybe a FB shared post or my SA, a few weeks ago. I’m sure the same happened to you or whoever shared the news with you. I saw some blurb recently that Bob Denver died and when I was mentioning it to my husband caught myself and sure enough it was years ago. But people may not know that he was also a really cool guy with a great sense of humor. He loved his work, his family, enjoyed golf and especially music – in fact he was part of a rock band as a young man in the ’60s which performed at local venues, and they actually recorded some tracks.

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