Men’s Hairstyling Tips: How to Manage Impossibly Curly Hair

Cut your hair very short, buzzed all the way around. And can be used to loosen the follicles and increase the natural curl. While everyone’s hair falls into one these categories, not every guy’s hair will react the same. This is a process, so find what works best for you and stick with it.

To give curls definition, twist wet curls around your finger, then let them air-dry. Since we know curls need moisture to thrive, it’s very likely that your standard conditioner will need a little reinforcement. Every great hair day has an arsenal of smart products and techniques behind it. Check out our top recommendations for having your curls look defined, hydrated, and expertly styled . Taking care of curly hair does take a little strategic thinking.

Here are a few of the best heat protectant products you’ll find on the market. Finish with a styling product for hold and texture.When your hair is dry, add a pliable pomade or cream to hold your curls in place. At this stage, feel free to finish styling your hair with your fingers to get the exact look you want.

It takes a little more effort to get curls when you have naturally straight hair, but fear not—it can be done! In general, the best foundation for how to style curly hair for men is to shampoo it every two to three days. Any more frequently and you risk drying out your hair and dealing with both dandruff and a frizzy texture.

Here’s another similar but slightly different way to curl men’s hair by Jake Daniels. The curly fringe hairstyle has been one of the most popular styles of the year. With short hair on the sides and thick, textured curls on top, a fringe allows for a stylish finish. Here are some of the best styling products for curly hair men.

A fringe is one of the most popular curly hair styles for good reason. While it helps you to tame your tresses by removing the hair from the back, the final result comes out pronounced and eye-catching. On top of that, the styling is pretty effortless, as you just need to run your fingers with a hairstyling product through your strands for added texture. Inspired by the 20s and 40s hair trends, a side part is a popular style that will arguably never go out of fashion. While it can be pulled off on basically any hair texture and length, guys with short curly locks will find it especially flattering. This simple yet sharp element will give the shape and definition of your unruly curls.

This works best for men with faded sides or undercut hairstyles with longer hair on top and short sides. Curls shorten hair so you’ll need medium length hair to work with. Short hair at the sides won’t curl in a natural way. For curly styling, hair pomade works as a defining and setting finish. This strong-hold product will allow you to define, separate, and form your curly hairstyle, giving a natural hold without shine.

The fade haircut has many variations, including bald, high, mid, and low fades, and all of them style nicely with curly hair on top. Men can even choose to get a line up to clean up their hairline or go for a curly hair undercut instead. For the best sea salt sprays, try OGX’s Moroccan Sea Salt Spray for an extremely affordable option that adds just the right amount of salt and creates natural, beachy waves. This spray is infused with sea salt, sea kelp and Argan oil to keep your curls looking naturally tousled and smooth. Save your blowdrying skills for another day and simply let your hair air-dry. Help it along by scrunching your fingers throughout your hair to create some texture.

A lot of guys used to buzz their hair off instead of taking the time to learn how to style men’s curly hair. Increasingly, men aren’t letting the extra grind deter them from growing their curls out and showing them off. We’re here to help you harness the power of your curls. Men’s Hairstyle Trends was created by the site founder to help young men improve their personal style. Specifically, we are here to help guys find the best haircuts and hairstyles; and the best barbers to do the work. These things are not so intuitive for all young men, thus we are here to help!

Learn how to get beautiful curly hair with our styling tips for straight, wavy, and curly hair. If you’re in the process of growing out your curly hair, get into a maintenance routine with your barber. Specifically request for him to razor off certain pieces, so the curls aren’t growing haphazardly in all directions, and consider asking him to point cut curl bangs with flat iron the ends. You don’t have to try the at-home perm kits especially as the results can be hit or miss, and you’ll be living with it for the next few months. Instead, all you’ll need are a few hair tools and a paste or dry shampoo. Here, we recommend R+Co Badlands Dry Shampoo Paste, although you’re welcome to attempt these steps with a similar product.

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