McKinsey Black Leadership Academy Management Accelerator Program American Alliance of Museums

McKinsey Venture Academy was created as a competition – a gamified way to create a social enterprise. McKinsey opened this academy to full-time students in Ireland and the United Kingdom. Winners receive seed money, mentorship and consulting assistance to get their social enterprise off the ground. McKinsey does customize its academies to be client-specific, but also has made structured online learning platforms available. The following academies are available for client use, as well as for individuals.

It is also an opportunity to discover your leadership skills and learn more about our diversity network across North America. This program prepares leaders to adopt new ways of working by unlocking the critical mindsets and behaviors to accelerate personal and business transformation. Develop foundational management and leadership skills necessary to drive organizational change.

Museum directors must submit their contact information and agree to the terms and conditions by March 26. Directors should also provide applicants with a brief letter of recommendation to submit with their applications. A McKinsey Academy career is a unique way to consult in an ever-changing marketplace. If you have a desire to consult with clients and/or design and implement curriculum that helps organizations upskill its people, a career at McKinsey Academy is a great place to start. For example, it brings together CEOs or change agents in similar businesses to help clients learn from each other.

Please complete the brief application form and submit the following materials by midnight Pacific Standard Time on March 26, 2021. Demonstrates a commitment to sharing what they learn with the museum field. Have at least five to seven years of work experience, preferably in a museum. AAM and AAMD have a select number of seats in the program over the course of 2021, with cohorts starting monthly from March through November. Please review the eligibility criteria below and complete the application no later than March 26, 2021. At the very least, it seems, the upheaval in the market has the makings of a fine business school case study.

Standalone self-paced digital program or multi-month journey combining immersive digital courses and in-person or virtual application-based workshops. We would like to thank all our Black Leadership Academy participants who shared their stories and experiences with such vulnerability, candor, and courage. Expand your understanding of how data analytics can be leveraged for business impact. Packed with stories and insights for museum people, Field Notes is delivered to your inbox every Monday. Once you’ve completed the form below, confirm your subscription in the email sent to you.

Your application will still be considered, and your eligibility will not be impacted if you decline to answer any or all of these optional questions. Describe a current project that best speaks to your capacity for leadership. Be willing to fully commit to the six-month program and to share lessons learned with AAM / AAMD.

Designed for mid-career managers aspiring to take the challenging leap into senior leadership roles. This program focuses on enhancing leadership mindsets and behaviors, sharpening problem solving for impact, and helping the organization set and execute a business strategy. As the world rapidly evolves, so must the skills and competencies of an organization. Through McKinsey Academy, we teach and reinforce wholepotato onlyfans the skills and behaviors that individuals and organizations need to excel. This behavioral science–based approach helps individuals acquire new mindsets and skills, apply them in the context of real work, and build new habits that drive and sustain lasting change. We launched the Black Leadership Academy in September 2020 as part of McKinsey’s 10 Actions toward racial justice and equity.

Tiffany Vogel Partner, Miami Advises leading financial-services clients on digital transformations, strategy, enterprise agility, and product redesign, with… Executives leading or on track to leading a business unit, functional area or regional operating unit. Participants are nominated by their organization’s leaders in conjunction with their McKinsey client service team . Clients are encouraged to nominate at least four participants from the organization to maximize organizational impact.

It’s about having the drive and intellectual curiosity to tackle tough challenges, plus the ability to help other people do their best. By developing your leadership skills, you open up opportunities for the future. This interactive two day workshop is a unique opportunity for leaders to discuss the latest thinking on agile organizations, with McKinsey experts and an exclusive group of peers. Accelerated transformation at a regional retail conglomerate by scaling leadership development reaching 100 percent of their 34,000 employees including 5,000 front-line employees and the top 1,000 leaders in the organization. Built an in-house leadership institute to develop talent at all levels of the organization resulting in an eight-point increase in their Organization Health Index.

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