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Maya calls off her relationship with Arun after her father’s death, realizing that Arun does not love her but only wanted her to make Darshana jealous. On the last day of college, all students are led into a room called “the secret alley,” where they leave a message for the next batch of students. However, Arun finds himself unable to write anything. Darshana, who accompanies Arun to his train, asks him if they would have still been together if not for the argument four years ago.

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Having seen the film, I can say that I can’t imagine it without that length and those songs. Vineeth Sreenivasan has structured Hridayam in a way that makes it seem like you’re watching two feel-good films for the price of one. They act as markers for pivotal events in protagonist Arun Neelakandan’s life. In fact, the Hridayam experience already began the day they launched the album. If you’re already familiar with the album, you’ll like them even more once you see their placement in the film. There were six songs that I wasn’t floored by when I first heard them, but I began to appreciate them after getting a sense of the context.

But Arun feels guilty and goes to the room to find Nithya in a sad state realising that he lied. She allows him and she goes back to sleep peacefully. Darshana, who is due to get married the next day, expresses her reservations about marriage to Arun, and asks him once again if they would have still been together were it not for the argument.

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In the end, one wonders whether Arun has changed much at all from his early campus days, for the whole point of the movie was his transformation. The emotional journey of Arun, his carefree bachelor days in engineering college, and how he matures through various phases of life. Arun Neelakandan, a teenager from Kerala, joins KC Tech, a popular engineering shaadistan reviews college in Chennai for his graduation. He falls in love with college sweetheart Darshana at the first sight. They grow closer after Arun is ragged by his seniors, but a few scuffles and incidents get the seniors suspended and they start dating. Arun accompanies his friend Antony to meet his online girlfriend, and feels attracted to her colleague.

When you get to know someone close, you learn that they are not the raging jerk you assumed they were. Some of them don’t change and get worse as they grow older. When we first meet Arun, he is a charming guy with the kind of swag you wish you had in the first year of college. But meeting Darshana changes him into someone unruly and brutish. He becomes prone to mistakes and temptations, just like most of us did back then.

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