Making a Bench Vise Clamp Thingy with This Old Tony

But you don’t have to know what it’s called to know how it could be useful in your show. I just finally got a hobby vise set up on my workbench and I cannot believe I went so many years without one. It’s also worth noting that you’re one of only three channels I really watch- the other two being Clickspring and Project Binky by Bad Obsession Motorsport. I tend to enjoy the machining/fabrication stuff more than… Well, chainsawing and tile laying, but I have yet to watch one that didn’t get a good laugh or two out of me.

In this one, a favorite YouTube maker of mine, This Old Tony, creates a gorgeous folding knife for Xlya Foxlin. This is the first knife he’s ever attempted. As is always the case with a This Old Tony video, there what happened to themanspot and his wife is LOL humor and plenty of useful shop tips. One of his most viewed videos shows a variable speed mini lathe. Another popular video was a short tutorial about winding your own springs at home on a lathe.

His videos are a great introduction to the world of metalworking and the techniques, processes, and machines used. One of the best-known metal workers on Youtube, ‘This Old Tony’ channel is a fantastic mix of intelligent humor, knowledge, and top-notch engineering. The This Old Tony YouTube channel receives about 32.61 thousand views every day. If you like AvE, check out This Old Tony. He is more machining focused, but he did do a clever multimeter 4/1 video.

Only cried once or twice. But the day I stop having fun goofing off is the day I stop making videos. Destin has a solid Engineering background – with a BS in mechanical… Jessica Droujko is an ex-aerospace turned conservation engineer.

Trying a smaller 9 size torch instead of old faithful 17. Brief chat about torch parts, gas lenses, some stainless ‘welding’ & pickling. Still needs some work, but here’s my start on a 4th axis.. You might like following along. Software is Premiere Elements.

Man, I’m so sorry to what happened to his family. It’s hard sometimes to understand the depth of another person’s loss. BrandMaxima is a leading Social Media Intelligence & Analytics Platform for Brands, Digital Media Agencies, Content Creators, Academic researchers and Journalists. BrandMaxima tracks over 100 Million Social Media Channels, 8 Billion Social Media content and Analyze the behavior of over 750 Million Consumers worldwide everyday. This Old Tony likely has additional revenue sources. Successful YouTubers also have sponsors, and they could earn more by promoting their own products.

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