Magic Sleek Permanent Straightening

You can take the frizz out,” according to Isakov. This is something people ask frequently, and the answer is yes. Magic Sleek is formaldehyde-free and does not contain any methylene-glycol or other harsh chemicals that can be harmful when heated. Other hair straightening treatments have undesirable health effects on others.

You’re also exposing your body to harmful chemicals during the perm process. Permanent straightening at the salon is the cheapest of the salon options for getting results, and it’s the least time-consuming. Of course, the safest option of all is to avoid exposure to harmful chemicals that can absorb through your scalp and your nasal passages. Straightening your hair without heat is a great alternative when possible. One side effect of this damage is that your hair may be harder to style and take longer to dry until it grows out and new, untreated hair takes its place.

The high price can make organic alternatives difficult for those with sensitive skin or who are concerned about harsh chemicals being used on their hair. The good news is that the application process has no side effects, which makes it safer and more gentle than chemical alternatives. First, my stylist washed my hair with shampoo only. She carefully applied the Keratin on small layers of my hair. Here is nothing more liberating than getting out of the shower and doing absolutely nothing to your hair. I used to have frizzy, coarse hair that would take a good hour to blow dry and I don’t have time for that with a toddler.

This means you’re walking around inhaling the chemicals used to treat your hair, and you’re exposing everyone near you to them. Chemical relaxant kits can be purchased at pharmacies and beauty supply stores. These treatments claim to offer the same results as a perm from a salon.

You can’t use any shampoo or conditioner with sulfates or sodium chloride. These strip the moisture from your hair and are just bad for you in general. A. A Keratin treatment contains formaldehydes and overtime your hair will revert to its natural state. Magic Sleek contains no harsh chemicals and does not revert.

It has a subtle, clean smell and feels slightly thick when applying. The $20 price tag is a little harsh in comparison to say a drugstore shampoo, but it definitely shows a difference than those products. One day i go to my local salon, and my getting lint out of hairbrush hairstylist recomended that i use the Brazilian keratin treatment because of my unruly ethnic hair. But, me not knowing anything about it i start doing research. After hours of research, I find on the net the Natura Organic Hair Care System .

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