JUGS Sports: Football Throwing Machine and Equipment

Easily transport your JUGS throwing machine on and off the field with the Fisher Cart for JUGS Football Passing Machine. Push or pull the unit with the convenient T-bar handle located on the front of the cart, which lets you or your athletes maneuver the machine to just the right position on the field. The pneumatic tires will not damage the grass beneath them, even after being relocated after every practice session or warm-up, for a hassle-free transport solution.

There was a substantial trickle-down effect, from the NFL to major colleges. Now, college programs at all levels, and even many high schools, own a Jugs machine — Jugs has even shipped more than 100 machines to Australia for Aussie Rules Football players. The reason this football passing machine is so popular is because it has been a reliable training tool for decades. Professional and collegiate athletes rave about how the JUGS Machine has helped them up their game. PERFECT FOR YOUTH AND ADULT ATHLETES The JUGS Field General™ simulates punts with a hang time of over 5 seconds, allowing you to do drills that include both punt and punt return teams.

Return specialists ask continuous practice catching the football. With JUGS Football Passing Machine the players catch more passes and kicks in a week compared to wiffle pitching machine what they normally would during an whole season. It can be used for kickoffs and punts with high-lofting, end-over-ends kicks with up to a 7-second hang time .

Turn good receivers into great ones with plenty of catching practice. “Passing” or “kicking” up to 600 balls per hour, the JUGS® Football Throwing Machine helps players develop greater expertise in catching the football — without wearing out your quarterback’s arm. Have receivers run routes or run to a spot and get rep after rep. You control the velocity and direction of the pass or kick. Used by all NFL teams and over 25% of all high school programs. Like most 2 wheel pitching machines, all football machines are pretty heavy. The JUGS Field General weighs 97 pounds, the JUGS Football Passing Machine weighs 127 pounds and the First Pitch Quarterback Football Throwing Machine weighs 121 pounds.

The Jug machine can throw up to 600 passes or kicks per hour. The Jug machine can throw or kick a football up to 70 miles per hour. Back in the day, Wallace would do 200 balls after practice, but young players today don’t seem to have that kind of attention span, so Wallace “toned it down” with 50 balls apiece on each side. To keep them engaged, Wednesday’s bonus session features one-handed catches, followed by a freestyle competition. Los Angeles Rams running back Todd Gurley and Arizona Cardinals running back David Johnson are both big Jugs proponents. Johnson’s relentless work with the machine outside of practice at Northern Iowa helped him get selected in the third round of the 2015 NFL draft.

A pioneer when it comes to football throwing machines, the Jugs Passing Machine has been used for nearly 50 years by teams of all levels, from high school to the NFL. Baseball and softball players aren’t the only ones who need practice. Football receivers and kick returners need all the practice catching balls that they can get. Unfortunately, with team sports like football, there are only so many throws and kicks a quarterback or kicker can perform before they get tired.

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