Is There an Air Marshal on Every Flight? How to Spot One

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They work hand in hand with the Transportation Safety Administration to ensure all flights are as safe as possible. However, when it comes to air travel, you may sometimes spot an air marshal on board. These specially trained personnel are responsible for passenger safety and security on select flights. Although you may not see an air marshal on every wait a minute i hate golf flight you take, they play an important role in ensuring a safe and secure travel experience for all. As part of the FAMS, these special law enforcement officers can be deployed on military aircraft carriers or positioned on commercial flights. Most are in plain clothes and sometimes confused with a flight attendant or other members of the flight crew.

They also work inside airports and other transportation systems to keep travelers safe. Their primary objective on aircraft is anti-terrorism and hijacking prevention. If you think you’ve figured out how to spot an air marshal, don’t point and draw attention to them. Enjoy thinking you’ve spotted them, but don’t tell other passengers . Bragging to all your friends about it later is perfectly ok.

If you think you’ve spotted one, keep that information to yourself. The air marshal on board is there for the safety of all passengers and crew, and their identity must remain confidential in order to be effective. Asking a flight attendant for information about the air marshal is not likely to be productive, and may even be viewed as suspicious. When air marshals board a flight, they will usually board as one or two for domestic flights. If it’s an international flight, there can be up to four air marshals on the flight. Getting a college degree will help you become an air marshal faster.

After the flight, we observed the latent evidence of her crime. And finally, we can’t forget the age-old pastime of disgruntled and rudely behaving flyers. They are the ones who cut loose of a toxic plume of gas as they travel throughout the cabin, silently spraying everyone in their wake. Many of you think Federal Air Marshals are restricted from drinking alcohol on our flights. I take great pride and satisfaction when I’m ignored sitting in business class, and sipping on a Bloody Mary. What you didn’t know is the flight Attendant working in “co hoots” with me has brought over a small bottle of “vodka” to stir into the “Bloody Mary”.

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