Interior Concrete or Wooden Floors

The paint dried really quickly and as it’s water-based with minimal VOC content, wasn’t smelly at all. I also did the skirting boards in the same paint. Tools at the ready – floors have been sanded, filled and gone over with wood knot solutionIt’s also important to dot knot solution on any knots to prevent them showing through the paint. After sweeping and hoovering thoroughly and giving the floors a wipe with a damp cloth, I then used one coat of white wood primer and three coats of Farrow & Ball’s All White floor paint. I went over the first coat using a brush to get in all the little dents and cracks, then used a roller for the top coats. For definitive proof that a mostly white living room can be cozy, look no further than this space designed by @leannelimwalkerhome.

Then there’s the fireplace and the hearth stone which needs filling or covering, and the wood burning stove to install. I’d like to put some fitted cupboards and maybe shelves in the alcoves, something minimal but that will provide much-needed storage. But, for the moment, I’m just happy we have a welcoming space to come home to at the end of day, somewhere to relax and unwind, entertain and enjoy. I wanted to strip back all the ugly additions various owners had made over the years to bring the room back to it’s former glory. Before applying this product we recommend you abrade the substrate and then completely remove any dust and dirt from your surface.

I was thinking of using this idea with something like “Web Gray” rather than a navy. The 2nd solution is use some sort of wainscoting or bead board on the bottom and paint that with a semi gloss white and then use navy on the top part of the wall. Alternatively you can use a white chair rail and do navy on the bottom third of the wall and navy on the top 2/3 . Rhythmic Blue …goes with the next 3 and they can be used by themselves or as accent walls). Icelandic …goes with the next 3 and they can be used by themselves or as accent walls).

The fresh green hue on this low country kitchen floor is a nice balance with the bright white walls and lower cabinets skirted with cheerful blue-and-white-checked fabric. A pretty soft gray paint on breakfast nook floors grounds white furnishings and walls. The floor is painted Platinum Gray by Benjamin Moore.

The one common theme you’ll find is that all the wall colors are on the cool side and that’s what tends to work best for gray floors. While living rooms may not seem like the usual choice for painted wood flooring, Studio Peake proves they shouldn’t be excluded from the trend. This living room boasts pops of color in the cabinetry and dećor accents, and the white floor only adds to the modern charm. Additionally, the brick fireplace is also painted a matching white, proving that floors aren’t the only aspect of a room that a fresh coat of paint can transform.

Tempted to tear up the carpet to reveal the floorboards beneath? Or simply want to revamp what you already have, our guide to how to paint floorboards should come in handy. Blogger and designer of this lovely little blog! We purchased our 119 year old Victorian dream home 10 years ago with a budget of only $25K for renovations…..

Stencil on wood floor

Instead, enlist the help of stencils and paint to create a cost-effective alternative to tile or stone in front of a fireplace. Here, paint and stencils create a precisely drawn pattern that meshes beautifully with the ornate detail of a white mantle. By covering just a small fraction of the floor in paint, the whole room gets a brand new look and feel.

Explore flooring solutions that are designed for educational facilities. BEFORE and AFTERVery much inspired by the light Scandi homes I like to feature here on the blog, I wanted a bright, airy mainstays wood and metal desk space with neutral colours, monochrome accents and a mix of old and new furniture. Its easy to get the job done, but it takes a lot of time. Just because you can do it doesn’t mean you should.

Some green work well with gray flooring, especially the gray greens. When it comes to the primer, which will help fill in any especially raw areas of the floor before you start painting, Varano says you should tint it to the color of the paint you’ve chosen . Generally, you’ll want to have on hand a large paint roller, a cutting brush to get any edges or corners of the floor, primer, plenty of paint in your desired color, a finish, and an anti-slip topcoat. Our floors had several scrapes from the previous owner. With a coat of paint, you don’t even notice them. Head back to Our Finishes page for more options from our fully water based range of finishes for indoors, outdoors, and even front doors.

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