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Our students have not had difficulty in transferring their credits to other institutions if they choose not to complete their degrees with our partner universities. Students will use a combination of the IEW Structure and Style Level C, with the University’s online course work . The program is designed to be entirely asynchronous but can benefit from a local regional tutor or online live tutorial sessions . CHI provides online tutoring for IEW students, using IEW Accredited Instructors.

Your family can enjoy the writing journey as well. Students will learn skills and have a few laughs with Mr. Pudewa throughout this course. Drawn from the formal, natural, applied, and social sciences. We’ll also craft some of our own versions of familiar stories and delve into narrative, report, and essay writing. Most assignments will be of 1-3 paragraphs.

When we find something that works, we stick to it! I am honored to be able to teach this curriculum to many students every year and witness outstanding results! If you want to hear other testimonies about IEW and my classes, please read what parents have shared under the “Testimonials” link on the right side of this page. If you are not comfortable with editing your students’ assignments, you can register below for personalized feedback on your students’ writing whenever you are ready.

Students will learn to create key word outlines and be introduced to “dress ups” designed to make writing more interesting. Using models and checklists for daily writing, students learn a “formula” for good writing, taking the guesswork out of an often bewildering subject. COPYWORK – Pull out a piece of classical literature or any well-written macaulay interview questions book and have your student copy a short paragraph each day. This timeless method exposes students to literature, grammar, spelling, and vocabulary while working on their handwriting skills. Knights, vikings, kings, and other famous figures of the Middle Ages come to life as students learn to write with structure and style.

Does writing keep getting put on the back burner? Do you have a reluctant writer or a student who gives you pushback? Online live classes provide support to you and your student throughout the entire school year. Have fun learning to write and think outside of the box… This creative writing unit continues the IEW program with learning to ask yourself quality questions and create lively content.

We do not recommend IEW’s Online Classes for students younger than nine years old.

Papers and assignments will be graded in the writing classes. Grammar classes will have online quizzes which are automatically graded. Weekly teacher led live class and textbook assignments. Classes will meet in a virtual classroom in which the teacher will present the lesson and interact with students.

Each hour-long or half-hour-long session has a live teacher teaching your child. The teacher uses a variety of teaching modalities and the students are able to ask questions in real-time. An assignment is given at the end of each class to reinforce the topics covered in the live session. Attendance is required, but we record the class in case your child is unable to attend. We incorporate God into our curriculum to help the students better understand the material.

The first semester of each level is required before you may register your student for the second semester. If your student has not completed the first semester with me, please contact me before enrolling your student in the second semester of any level. After verification, I will accept students who have completed Weeks 1-15 on their own or in another setting.

You don’t have to go at a certain pace through history curriculum for it all to flow and make sense. The class uses sections of the main history book for assignments. It is nice that she is learning more about her Catholic faith and writing skills. We will be enrolling more of our children in the future.

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