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How to Submit Your Music to Blogs Top Tips for 2021

The ideal way to do both is through guest writing on music blogs. You not only gain exposure, but you also have the opportunity to market your work. We have made guest posting on the high-ranked music blogs super easy for you. Our experts tested and verified all the guest posts accepting blogs in our list. So, you don’t have to worry about whether your content is reaching the right place or not. It’s a website that mainly focuses on indie music.


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I learned the hard way that, no matter how good your music is, if your marketing strategy is flawed, people won’t know it exists. There is enough hatred in the world, so unless you love it, don’t write about it. We only write about unsigned and self-released, artists – no signed artists, that have the backing of a label.

For these articles, we will pay 2 cents per word which comes out to about $40 for articles that we publish. As you gain experience writing for us you’ll get more flexibility in choosing your own topics and outlining and writing articles as you like. As we move in that direction, your pay will increase. We have so much information we want to share and not enough time to write it all, so we’ve decided that it’s time to bring some writers on board. Whether you submit directly to blogs or through SubmitHub, mention well-known artists your music sounds like.

We have the music and the audience your passion deserves. It’s a great way to build your portfolio, discover some new music and earn some extra money. Hit up one of their staff writers or use SubmitHub to send your track in for review. If your goal is to blow up your stream count by pitching to music blogs, there are other ways of skyrocketing your streams. This is where services like LinksManagement will serve you faithfully. With LinksManagement, guest posting becomes a breeze.

We gathered the best music blogs to submit your music to as an independent artist. People are increasingly interested in music and seeking the latest news and trends on the subject. Blogging has become a trusted means of providing information to a wide audience. It’s no different for music bloggers to keep their readers informed. If you made a new year resolution to start a music blog and you are already floundering, we are here to offer you the easy way out!

Pitchfork Pitchfork is one of the most popular music websites on the internet, and they’re always looking for new and interesting content to publish. If you have a music-related guest post that you think would be a good fit for their website, then you can submit it through their official submissions form. For the last twenty years, music blogs have been one of the most fundamental sources of inspiration for musicians and audiophiles. As a writer for RCM, you can choose to review free or paid submissions. If you choose paid you can charge £5 for every single review. You can choose to write individual reviews featuring one artist, or you might want to write features.

We accept bylined articles to be published on our blog. INDIY is a platform for musicians by musicians – We believe in a better music industry. Come to INDIY to find an instrumental, a producer, to look for a studio to record in, mixing, mastering, CD artwork, legal agreements, and even promotion. Marek Alexis is an Italian music producer, composer, and writer. He’s the founder of an international music community and record label exploring the connection between experimental electronic music and traditional Japanese poetry. To apply to write for us, visit our submissions website and complete the application form at the bottom of the homepage.

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