How to Keep or Delete Thumbnails of Your Most Visited Websites on Chrome

The developer provided this information and may update it over time. Then I figured out to pin Favorites google exclude words and it got more useful. The body of the request contains the thumbnail image that you are uploading.

And with this company, we know we’ll keep getting great new developments all the time. Unless you really don’t like being part of the mainstream, there is no reason to use another browser. When you have to choose between Chrome, Safari, Explorer, Mozilla and a few lesser known browsers, it is easy to understand why one would choose Chrome. For example, it is the leader in terms of page translation. You can ask it to translate all web pages that open up, when they are not in your language. It is so easy that at some point you won’t even realize anymore that what you are looking at is actually a translation – not the original.

This will delete all thumbnails from the new tab page. Learn more about clearing browser history in different browsers. However, the thumbnails or favicons will start appearing when you start browsing websites and accumulating the history. Google Chrome will automatically add thumbnails to the new tab page for websites you frequently visit. You can also add thumbnails manually if a website you want as a thumbnail isn’t automatically appearing. Google Chrome will automatically add thumbnails for websites you frequently visit, but you can also manually add or remove them.

Double-click the first thumbnail to visit the corresponding Web page. Note that the first thumbnail now has a current image of the site you visited. Repeat this process for the remaining seven thumbnails. Close Chrome if it is open and then click the “Start” button to open the Windows Start menu. Type “run” and click the word “Run” when it appears in the search results. Windows opens the Run window that allows you to paste commands.

You can decide to bookmark the website so that you only have to go inside the section and click on the link to get to it. But honestly, this might take even more time than just typing the address inside the bar, unless it’s a complicated one. The beauty of the internet today is that it’s all very user-friendly. If you want to add a new direct link, the easiest way is simply to remove one already there. Chances are the next one to come-up will be the one you are looking for, if you are visiting it often.

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