How to Dye Dark Hair Blue Without Bleach: 11 Steps with Pictures

One tip I like to use is to always have two boxes of a darkish brown hair dye to cover up anything that might have gone dramatically wrong. Trust me – you’ll thank us for that tip if you start coloring at home and experimenting with bright and playful colors. Here is a medium cuticle health 2h to dark blue that is still very bold and bright. It is hard to find colors that are dark but still so bright, and this is what is so great about dark blue hair is that it can be both. Even her cute hairstyle and the almost futuristic blue look to be anime related.

She is also the co-founder of haircare line, In Common. Similarly, you should avoid washing your hair as much as possible. “Every time you wet your hair or shampoo your hair, you will lose some of your color’s pigment,” says Hernandez. When you do shampoo, choose a sulfate-free shampoo for color-treated hair that won’t strip out your color as quickly and cause unnecessary dryness.

Dark blue shades mixed with violet colors create a beautiful hue. You might want to ask a hairstylist to help you with the dye mix in order to achieve the results you are looking for. To get this style at home, start by bleaching the tips of your hair. Once you’ve achieved your desired level of lightness, use a hair dye to add the ash blue shade. It is a cool, subdued shade of dark or light blue that can be achieved by using a hair dye or by bleaching your hair and then adding a blue toner. Fashion colors are extremely popular right now and blue is a top contender.

Although blue hair highlights may look great, be prepared to watch them fade away after 7-8 washes. If you want the color to stay longer, it is advised to reduce the frequency of hair washes. This is because blue and purple make people think of happy and bright things. This color is perfect for brunettes with cool undertones.

This magical blend of blue and green hair color shades will up even the boldest hair color to the next level. Choose teal if you want blue hair color that will turn heads and brighten your outlook. It complements anyone with a dark natural hair shade. A straight haircut doesn’t look simple when light blue hair color is involved.

You would be able to spot this hair from a mile away and it is one that you will have a lot of fun with if you decide to make it your own. This is a really funky color that is very popular these days as people are looking to go with mermaid hair. Here is a beautiful blue that looks as if there is some platinum blonde highlights in it as well.

Alternatively, you could go without the lowlights and instead choose a darker base color that’s still reminiscent of this blueberry hue. We LOVE this color, especially on women with blue eyes. You can go blue even with a short buzz cut, like rapper Sharaya J. In fact, this blue-green hairstyle with matching eyebrows is beautifully bold. Choosing an eggshell blue cyan shade like the one in the photo is one more way to try the mermaid hair trend this year.

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