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How to Blog a Wedding: Tips for Wedding Photographers

Thank you for sharing good knowledge and information it’s very helpful and understanding. The great thing about a bridal dress feature is that every dress is one-of-a-kind once it’s been fitted to its unique wearer! Take this opportunity to feature all your brides from the past year and remind them how beautiful they are. We accept articles that have a word count of 800 on a minimum and above. Please do not submit an article shorter than that as we want to provide comprehensive articles to our readers. Please submit your request to send us an article through our contact form.

With more than 10 years of experience as a Fiji Wedding Photographer, Videoticz Fiji provides wedding photography & Videography needs for weddings in Fiji. Best wedding photographer & videographer based in Fiji. A husband and wife team, Amy & Jordan run a thriving wedding photography business in Scottsdale, Arizona’s luxury market. They’re instructors at the International Academy of Wedding Photographers and the authors of The Quickstart Guide to Your Dream Job.

Start learning from Sara with the SEO Basics Guide for Wedding Professionals. Christine is a content creator with over five years of experience writing about tech as well as a ridiculously wide range of other topics. She is a proud home cook, plant mom, and self-proclaimed wine taster. Always capture these memories, no matter how stressful they may seem. You’ll be able to photograph some fun moments that’ll end up being everyone’s favorites. It’s best to give whoever you’re shooting some space and let their behavior come naturally.

Tom Ellis Photography has been one of the Seattle area’s most requested and recommended wedding photographers. You only get one chance to get great wedding photos, so be sure you hire a top professional to record these precious memories. I specialise in creating timeless and authentic photography that honestly represents a wedding or event – nothing forced or contrived. We are currently opening our guest post section for the writers who want to publish their articles on our website.


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If you don’t want your photographer to miss out on any of these items, you should tell him in prior about them. Unless we direct them in a certain way, we can just imagine that he would cover those minute details from your wedding, but we can’t rest assured. Ask like plagiarism content, photos from untrusted source would be a foolish idea. As our niche is user-friendly, you can collect amazing HD pictures from free image submission websites like Pixels, Unsplash, 500px ETC. Images are the main attraction of an article if you want more readers to engage your content. You can produce your quality image by shortcut design as like quoting on the picture to get a positive impression.

If your photographer gets connected with your wedding coordinator, it would be so helpful to him to avoid interfering you in the middle of everything. Many of the photographers won’t ask for this information. But you can be proactive here and share the contact number of your coordinator with the photographer. They can work as a team on the wedding day that will eventually make everyone’s job easy. As a photographer being a part of your wedding, it is necessary that he gets to know your guests very well. Share a wedding guests list with him in the beginning so that he can plan the whole wedding photo shoot accordingly.

Make sure to check the content with a paid tool and proofread. All photos in this post courtesy of Starling Studio. So even if these don’t bring you a flood of Google traffic, an occasional post like this is still going to help your SEO and your business.

I m wondering if my camera ill be able to take okay photos of a wedding from the beginning to the end. Your blog is very helpful and informative.keep posting like that i appreciate your blog. Amzaing Post with greate tips for photography.

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