Getting to Know the New President of The Duncan Duo Team

Duncan is the founder of The Duncan Duo, No. 1 Re/Max agents in Florida and No. 8 in the world. The name Duncan Dhu comes from the book Kidnapped by Robert Louis Stevenson, in which there is a character named Duncan Dhu, who is a lover of music. I had rental property and was tired of being a landlord. I live 1500 miles away in the Midwest and the house need to be sold. There are family law attorneys in the Tampa area who can assist you with divorces, child support, child custody, or any other related issues.

Its original members were Mikel Erentxun (former singer in “Aristogatos”), Diego Vasallo and Juan Ramón Viles (former members of “Los Dalton”). All statements concerning insurance, licenses, and bonds are informational only, and are self-reported. I really liked the service provided letting me know a Realtor wanted to show the home and the time. It gave me the opportunity to alter the appointment or accept and was handled by phone. Follow ups with “Realtor s were handled and kept me posted on the progress of each appointment. Duncan is very professional and accessible to answer questions. I don’t sell homes every day and it was nice to get their input.

We are committed to continually educating ourselves to provide world class service and advice to help our clients and our community to make the best real estate decisions. We will lead the Tampa Bay market by providing the most innovative tools, ethical advice, positive energy, leadership, communication, world class marketing and community support. Vinik’s wife is asking for a family court judge to grant temporary, exclusive use of two of their homesthrough her divorce attorney.

She is also asking for temporary alimony, in order to maintain her high standard of living that she is accustomed to after over 30 years of sharing in her husband’s wealth. Thrice-wed Duncan has four children with Gail and two with Joanna. Uzbekistan-born Nigora is also a parent to daughter Gabrielle from a former relationship.

We’ll break down the latest business and consumer news and insights you need to know every Wednesday. Together since 1994 and married since 2001, West Palm Beach-based singer/songwriter Kat Mahoney ( and drummer Michael Duncan prove opposites attract. Unique features from hacker profiles to portal watch and video interviews. Simply enter the email address you used to create your account and click “Reset Password”. Cut to last May, when Duncan left for Survivor, and quickly took up with her fellow castaway, with their relationship aired for all the reality-watching nation to witness. Duncan Dhu is a Spanish group created in San Sebastián, Spain in 1984.

The documents conclude by stating that she should have access to, and continued use of the couple’s private aircraft and charters in a manner consistent with their prior arrangements. At the time of the news report, the case was still pending and a judge had not yet ruled on any of these demands. The couple had been well known as philanthropists in the Tampa area, and they have supported numerous charitable causes over the years. They had initially met decades ago while Jeff Vinik was studying at Harvard University as a graduate student. One night both of them were eating at the same restaurant in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and their relationship began. Jeff had made a significant amount of his fortune while working for Fidelity Investments throughout his thirties.

The couple had four children together, and all of them are adults now aged between their late teens and twenties. When a couple in this situationdivorces, property and assets are likely to be contested. It may take a significant amount of time for a court to go through all of their finances and property and elise joan ex husband determine what should be considered marital or separate before it is divided. Afamily courtjudge also has the discretion to distribute this property in an equitable manner, which does not necessarily mean equal. Because of this uncertainty, legal representation from an experienced attorney is important.

He then became the No. 1 buyer’s agent before becoming the No. 1 listing agent. From there, he was promoted to run the entire listing division team. Growing up in Tampa, Robert’s family has been in the area for generations. Now married with three kids, his family has grown with his real estate career. His first son was actually born the same month he started with the Duncan Duo Team. In the years since he started, we have had the opportunity to get to know his family.

In this special live interview, you’ll learn the lead generation and brand-building strategies that Tampa Realtor Andrew Duncan used to become the No. 1 agent in his market. The Duncan Duo Team has been the top selling real estate agents in Tampa Bay for several years. Their team has been ranked consistently between 1-5 within the entire RE/MAX System for the past several years and they will sell close to 1000 homes this year.

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