Ford Ranger 2011-2018 2″ Inch Lift Kit Suspension Body Lift T6 T7 Raptor

Flatoutoffroad bodylift kits are some of the very few kits in NZ and internationally that will pass LVV cert to be road legal. Suitable for all Ford Ranger models made from 2012 onwards, this kit is designed to lift your truck by 2.5 inches using a set of aerospace-grade aluminium spacers and high-strength aluminium shackles. One of the best parts about a body lift is that it will usually set you back less than 200 bucks and can be easily installed by you and a couple of buddies over a weekend. Although a body lift is not particularly difficult to install, you will need to be patient and take your time.

The kit includes pre-assembled Foam Cell shocks, uprated springs for both the front and rear plus super heavy-duty leaf springs. Handmade by Pedders in Australia, this is a serious lift kit for those who require serious performance from their Ford Ranger. Hand-made in Australia, Pedders make some of the highest-quality and best-performing suspension upgrades for 4x4s and trucks including the Ford Ranger. This kit is their basic lift kit option for Ford Ranger, and is designed to raise your truck by 1.75 inches.

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With 4×4 body lift kits, you can raise the body of your vehicle from the frame to allow for this. At Milner Off Road, we stock a wide range of lift kits to suit your specific make and model of 4×4. Raise your ride height and also improve your truck’s ability to carry heavy loads and tow with this kit from Pedders. This kit will lift your Ranger by approximately 1.75 inches, allowing extra clearance for the rear of the truck to squat down under load and safely cope with heavy weights. With worldwide shipping, we’re one of the leading suppliers of parts and accessories for 4×4 vehicles.

There may only be a few ground straps and wires to undo on some, but many later-model vehicles can require a fair amount of rerouting of wires and linkage to gain the appropriate height. Available for all Ford Ranger models made from 2012+ onwards, like all of Pedders products this kit is hand-made in Australia and offers unparalleled performance, ride comfort and handling ability. The kit includes Pedders’ innovative Foam Cell dampers for each corner, along with uprated front coil springs and heavy-duty rear leaf springs. The shocks come pre-assembled as standard, meaning all you have to do is install them in your truck. The benefits of a suspension lift are greater and the effects more dramatic, however they can be more expensive and more time-consuming to install than the simpler body lift.

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Our decades of experience means you can rest assured you’re getting quality parts. Plus, if you need expert advice or can’t find what you’re looking for, you can simply call our friendly team and we’ll assist you with all your body lift kit needs for your 4×4. The kit includes Pedders’ popular TrakRyder shocks and replacement front coil springs in addition to uprated rear leaf springs and all necessary bushes and U-bolts needed for installation. Not only will this increase ground clearance and off-road ability, the Pedders kits also vastly improve the ride and handling of your Ranger.

Body lift kits are a simple and cost effective way of raising your 4wd. An economical way to make your big truck even bigger our front shock spacers are 32mm in size and forged from 6061-T6 aluminium then anodized for longevity. Our shock spacers stand out from others available as the studs and nuts are heat treated for extra strength, to ensure our products stand up to the most demanding environments. For anyone who regularly carries extreme weights or needs to regularly tow heavy payloads, Pedders also offers an Extra Heavy Duty version of its load carrying and towing kit.

This system can be installed in 5 to 6 hours and comes complete with everything necessary for installation. Body lifts work by lifting the body of the truck up using bushing or spacers. There are a variety of different heights available, and body lift kits are also simple, easy to install and often one of the cheapest ways of lifting your Ford self harming synonym Ranger. I receive messages almost daily enquiring about replacement parts for these body lift kits after they can’t pass LVV cert or the vehicles floor pan has been damaged due to incorrect lift blocks. If you plan on installing a body lift in a vehicle to be used on road, please just do yourself a favor and buy this kit and buy once.

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