Fly Swatter Made By Design : Target

It’s an open-loop that the flying fly swatter has to hit. This plastic fly swatter features a classic design that makes it easy to use, and the end is finished with a simple loop so you can hang it in your cabinet or utility closet when not in use. We also evaluated two other leather flyswatters, the Happy Tack Amish Made Leather Fly Swatter and the PrimeHomeProducts Leather Fly Swatter. These weren’t as well built as the Hope Woodworking swatter, as they had leather heads that were either crooked, off-center, or poorly attached to the handle.

Your inside sales representative will send your artwork to our professional artists who will make sure your imprint fits perfectly on the item you have chosen. We will not proceed with production until you are satisfied. Your price includes a one-color imprint on the handle of the flyswatter. Some bug vacuums feature non-lethal designs which keep trapped insects inside, but do not otherwise harm them, allowing their later release. These devices are popular with amateur and professional entomologists, and with persons who wish to avoid the killing of insects. Flypaper is often impregnated with a slightly odorous chemical to attract more flies.

You also have to be careful what kinds of bugs you get rid of because the electric fly swatter is so effective against a bunch of different species of insects. No. 5,058,314 issued in the name of Frascone describes a one-piece, folding, adhesive insect catcher with a head portion comprising adhesive disposed on the inside of the head portion and a handle. The Frascone device does not provide means to removably detach and dispose of a singular adhesive sheet with a struck insect thereon as in the present invention. The Pierce design also utilizes costco air hockey tables an insecticide disposed on the cover to aid in the killing of the insect and is thus not in the scope of the present invention. FIELD OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates generally to fly swatters, and, more particularly, to a fly swatter having means to collect and dispose of swatted insects and debris in a sanitary method. An electric flyswatter (sometimes called mosquito bat, racket zapper, or zap racket) is a battery-powered, handheld bug zapper that resembles a tennis racket, of which became popular worldwide in the late 1990’s.

This invention is not attached to the striking end of a fly swatter as in the present invention and also cannot be used concurrently as the striking surface to capture insects during the act of striking. Disposable fly traps are small “use and throw away” fly traps. The traps are disposable plastic bags containing some attractant, generally made of flavoring agents that are non-toxic.

When looking for an unconventional promotional product for your next marketing campaign then choose one of these 16″ target shaped fly swatters! Molded from flexible polyethylene for increased durability, they are made in the USA and Union printed. Great for coordinating with slogans or in junction with a well-known industry symbol. Product Highlights Easily catch mosquitoes – easily catch mosquitos and zap them within a second. Works in every atmosphere – kill a different variety of insects in every state of atmosphere.

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