Fiji Vs Bora Bora: 6 Key Differences To Know Before You Visit

You can find a complete explanation of these policies in my Bora Bora honeymoon packing guide. If you’re flying on a commercial airline, which you likely are, you will have to fly through Tahiti before arriving in Bora Bora. Unfortunately, there are no commercial nonstop flights to Bora Bora. The following comprehensive comparison of Bora Bora vs Tahiti will answer all your pending questions and help you choose the best location for your tropical trip.

The Festival of the Friendly North is a hugely important event in Fiji and it’s one that everyone should enjoy. It is held in the town of Labasa on the northern island of Vanua Levu. The purpose of the festival is to celebrate communal life and to enrich the culture and tradition of Labasa through music and dance. People go to Fiji not just for its astounding sights and fun activities. One of the main reasons visitors love this place is because of its vibrant culture. Fiji’s culture is composed of its native roots influenced by other nationalities.

The resort is situated on the eastern side of the island facing Mount Otemanu offering spectacular sunset views. Guests have full use of the stunning overwater bungalows nestled within a stunning lagoon. If you prefer to remain dry, you can also enjoy the many amenities on the grounds including a beach bar, restaurants, and an infinity pool. But we got married there 15 years ago on the Vehia at sunset so it holds special memories. We have stayed in overwater at other resorts but unless you get one that is the most isolated or angled just right, they feel too exposed to me. Some resorts have TV & radio & phone & the units are too close together that the experience is not what was anticipated.

If you’re into diving and/or snorkeling then Fiji is going to blow you away. On average you will have to spend around INR 10,000 per person in a single day in Fiji if you are traveling on a budget. If you are planning a luxury style trip then it can cost you around INR 23,00 a day for a person.

August is the driest month of the year, making it excellent for outdoor activities. To save money, though, you can visit Bora Bora during the low season, which lasts from October to May. Unlike the Maldives, Bora Bora, and Seychelles, Fiji has magnificent beaches and reasonable lodging.

The cheapest accommodation you’ll find is Tente Vaitea which for £25 per night gets you a large tent next to a family-run lodge. You sleep on a double mattress (under a mango tree!) and you’re two minutes away from Matira Beach, which is handy as it’s the only free beach on the island. If you don’t fancy a tent, then a basic but perfectly serviceable room in the lodge will cost about £40 per night.

Fiji has so many islands and you are sure that you will have time of your life on this island. The best islands are located in the western part of Fiji and you should explore these areas. There is no place where you will find this kind of tranquil environment in the pacific. Whether you are into outdoor or adrenaline rushes activities such as snorkeling, kite surfing, or watersports then this is the right destination for you. If you compare Fiji Vs Bora Bora, you will find that the Bora Bora and Fiji are both are romantic islands.

Remember since they are villas and not traditional rooms, you can’t just book a second connecting room if one villa isn’t large enough for your crew. Rumor has it Moorea is an even better choice for those who want more activity mexican historical sites options in their island paradise. The day you land in Tahiti, you should probably just stay in Tahiti. If you have points, check out the InterContinental Tahiti, just a five- to 10-minute cab ride from the Tahiti airport .

While you can’t go wrong with either, we want to compare and contrast these destinations to help you plan the perfect trip for the location that’s right for you. Bora Bora is going to have more chain hotels like Sheratons, Intercontinentals and Four Seasons, while in Fiji there are very few chain hotels and more boutique places to stay. However, of the resorts in Fiji limit their bookings to 5-20 guests at a time to make sure that couples can maintain a secluded romantic atmosphere. This also allows for hotel staff to pamper guests more than larger chains can. Both islands offer some five-star inclusive hotels, so it really depends on what you’re looking for. When it comes to Bora Bora, there is only one airport and no public transportation, so make sure to rent a rental car to see the island.

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