Fallout 4 Cut Content COVENANT PEACEFUL SOLUTION Convent Alternate Choice & Join The Minutemen

Upon reaching Covenant, players will be forced to take the SAFE test from Swanson. This test asks the player a few questions about how they would behave in a certain scenario to confirm they aren’t a synth. Those that have playedFallout 3will immediately notice that this is the G.O.A.T. test with the tenth question omitted. Don’t worry about which answers are correct; it is impossible to fail the SAFE test despite what Swanson says.

A complete walkthrough of the “Far Harbor” DLC complete with information on every side quest. A detailed Character Creation guide fully examining the best builds and what each perk does. Companion chapter detailing each companion character, where to acquire them and the pros/cons of each. All faction quests explained including the consequences of favoring one over the others.

Once inside, look for and speak with Honest Dan, an unfriendly guy who could be mistaken for a Raider. Talk to the other villagers to learn more about it. Leave the village and follow the quest waypoint indicator to the caravan’s remains.

I have a feeling I’ll be doing alot of settlement building then. If you build new turrets, they’ll fight each other. I just put my turrets on a higher platform where they couldn’t see each other. When i started placing turrets at the gate they attacked the ones on the walls, i didn’t bother to replace them but unless the fiji vs maldives broken turret object obstructs the placement of another there you go. After passing the Safe Test, Swayne will tell you that the first stop made here is usually at the store where you meet Penny. When you meet with Penny, the only thing that she will say is “Enjoy your stay” and cannot enter into a dialogue with her.

I decided to wait it out, thinking that the store would open in the daytime. I sat on the chair and waited till morning, but I was still trapped. I decided to pickpocket Penny to steal the store key and unlock the door. The entire Covenant would become hostile, a risk I was willing to take. I instantly hurried towards the door, but to my surprise, the store key was not working. Soon after, the door swung open with all of the Covenants settlers charging at me with guns drawn.

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