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Motu Patlu – An Indian cartoon aired on Nickelodeon , made widely popular by a Nick India ad celebrating Teacher’s Day in India, which has been reposted under the title “D se Dab”. Arthur – A 1996 PBS educational series that became popular on the Internet in July 2016 through humorous stills, including a still of the title character’s clenched fist. The Man Your Man Could Smell Like – A television commercial starring Isaiah Mustafa reciting a quick, deadpan monologue while shirtless about how “anything is possible” if men use Old Spice. It eventually led to a popular viral marketing campaign which had Mustafa responding to various Internet comments in short YouTube videos on Old Spice’s YouTube channel. Little Darth Vader – An advertisement by Volkswagen featuring young Max Page dressed in a Darth Vader costume running around his house trying to use “the Force”. It was released on the Internet a few days prior to Super Bowl XLV in 2011, and quickly became popular.

The meme is usually presented as still frames of a behind-the-scenes interview of the 2002 live-action movie with subtitles implying that Shaggy is restraining his power to prevent catastrophe. Subsequently, Warner Bros. canonized the meme as part of a credits gag in the 2021 Mortal Kombat movie, as well as including Shaggy as a fighter in the MultiVersus crossover fighting game. The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny – A lethal battle royale between many notable real and fictitious characters from popular culture.

To differentiate between the two homonymous shorts, the first short is often referred to as Jesus vs. Frosty , and the second short as Jesus vs. Santa . Fox executive Brian Graden sent copies of Jesus vs. Santa to several of his friends, and from there it was copied and distributed, including on the internet, where it bending wood with vinegar became one of the first viral videos. They were created by animating construction paper cut-outs with stop motion, and features prototypes of the main characters of South Park. Homestar Runner – A Flash animated Internet cartoon by Mike Chapman, Craig Zobel, and Matt Chapman, created in 1996 and popularized in 2000.

The reason people do poopy in the woods is because that’s all they know. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select.

This is a dynamic list and may never be able to satisfy particular standards for completeness. On this Wikipedia the language links are at the top of the page across from the article title. Some in‑app purchases, including subscriptions, may be shareable with your family group when Family Sharing is enabled. Poop Map is a small app that helps you log all the places you’ve pooped. TANGENT – You could argue that using a plastic Ziploc bag to store used TP in that will ultimately end up in a landfill is less environmentally friendly then just burying the TP, and you might be right.

The website has inspired numerous spin-off works, including a stage play and video games such as SCP – Containment Breach. Flappy Bird – A free-to-play casual mobile game released on the iOS App Store on 24 May 2013, and on Google Play on 30 January 2014, by indie mobile app developer Dong Nguyen. The game began rapidly rising in popularity in late-December 2013 to January 2014 with up to 50 million downloads by 5 February. On 9 February, Nguyen removed the game from the mobile app stores citing negative effects of the game’s success on his health and its addictiveness to players.

Also known as Caramelldansen Speedycake Remix or Uma uma dance in Japan, the song was parodied by artists and fans who then copy the animation and include characters from other anime performing the dance. Animutations – Early Flash-based animations, pioneered by Neil Cicierega in 2001, typically featuring foreign language songs (primary Japanese, such as “Yatta”), set to random pop-culture images. The form is said to have launched the use of Flash for inexpensive animations that are now more common on the Internet.

U R MR GAY – A message allegedly hidden in the Super Mario Galaxy box art, which appears when each letter not decorated with a star is removed from the art. Video game journalists have debated as to whether the message was placed on purpose or was simply a humorous coincidence. Its original context is that the player character has yet to achieve an important gameplay milestone, but it has been appropriated by the player community as a joke or insult. “All your base are belong to us” – Badly translated English from the opening cutscene of the European Mega Drive version of the 1989 arcade game Zero Wing. It has become a catchphrase, inspiring videos and other derivative works.

Though similar to other films from the Asylum, elements of the film, such as low-budget effects and choice of actors, led to the film becoming a social media hit and leading to at least four additional sequels. Marble Hornets – A documentary-style horror, suspense short film series based on alternate reality experiences of the Slenderman tale. The Babadook – An Australian-Canadian psychological horror film that started trending on Twitter in June 2017 when the title character became an unofficial mascot for the LGBT community. Prior to that, rumors of the Babadook’s sexuality began in October 2016, when some Netflix users reported seeing the film categorized as an LGBT movie on Netflix. Weebl and Bob – A series of Flash cartoons created by Jonti Picking featuring two egg-shaped characters that like pie and speak in a stylistic manner. Ultra Instinct Shaggy – A character interpretation that the Scooby-Doo character Shaggy is immensely more powerful than he presents himself.

– A political poster that compares the positions of Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders on certain issues. It was typically used by Sanders supporters to make fun of Clinton’s attempts to seem relatable to the voter base while they perceived Sanders to be more knowledgeable and in-depth on the issues. However, some critiqued the meme by saying that it played into sexist stereotypes. Arrest of Vladimir Putin – A viral video showing the mock arrest of Vladimir Putin and his trial. Salt Bae – Turkish chef and restaurateur Nusret Gökçe earned fame in 2017 for his camera-friendly approach to preparing and seasoning meat, including a video in 2017 which he sprinkles salt, sparkling in the sunlight, onto a steak. Gökçe’s approach has been compared to dinner theater, in that his actual finished product is secondary to the performance.

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