Canalys: PC market keeps growing through Q2 TechTarget

Compal and Quanta Computer produce about 60 percent of all of the world’s laptop PCs, and many analysts look closely at their shipment figures to provide a steer to global demand for personal computers. CCG includes products designed for end-user form factors, focusing on higher growth segments of 2-in-1, thin-and-light, commercial and gaming, and growing other products such as connectivity and graphics. We derive a substantial majority of our revenue from our principal products that incorporate various components and technologies, including a microprocessor and chipset, a stand-alone SoC, or a multichip package, which is based on Intel’s architecture. The company has traditionally made GPUs for gaming computers and graphic design as their bread and butter.

We exclude the catch-up charge related to prior periods for purposes of calculating certain non-GAAP measures because this adjustment facilitates comparison to past operating results and provides a useful evaluation of our current operating performance. Intel operates in highly competitive industries and its operations have high costs that are either fixed or difficult to reduce in the short term. The company has posted 11 straight quarters of increases, peaking at a 99.3% increase in Q2 FY 2021. But that pace has been slower in recent quarters, with the company reporting 48.8% growth in Q4 FY 2021 and 70.9% in Q1 FY 2022. For Q2, analysts expect revenue to rise 69.5%, a significant deceleration from the same period a year earlier.

There is no certainty that such measures will be sufficient to mitigate the risks posed by the virus, and illness and workforce disruptions could lead to unavailability of our key personnel and harm our ability to perform critical functions. Demand for our products has been and could again be materially harmed in the future. The pandemic could lead to increased disruption and volatility in capital markets and credit markets, which could adversely affect our liquidity and capital resources. The degree to which COVID-19 impacts our results will depend on future developments, which are highly uncertain. The impact of the pandemic can also exacerbate other risks discussed in this section.

Russia has likewise imposed currency restrictions and regulations and may further take retaliatory trade or other actions, including the nationalization of foreign businesses. “We remain fully committed to our business strategy, the long-term financial model communicated at our investor meeting and a strong and growing dividend.” Investors will also be focusing on AMD’s revenue in its Enterprise, Embedded and Semi-Custom segment, one of the company’s two primary business segments. The segment—which includes server and embedded processors rather than processors for desktops and laptops—has been growing rapidly. For Q2, analyst estimate strong growth YOY, though that growth would be the slowest in nine quarters. Lenovo took the third spot with a market share of 19.6% with an impressive 38.8% YoY growth in the consumer segment.

Intel previously announced several organizational changes to accelerate its execution and innovation by allowing it to capture growth in both large traditional markets and high-growth emerging markets. This includes the reorganization solarwinds azure business predicted of Intel’s business units to capture this growth and provide increased transparency, focus and accountability. As a result, the company modified its segment reporting to align to the previously announced business reorganization.

However, the current supply situation may restrict the growth opportunities in the short term, but this is a great window of opportunity to enter India’s consumer notebook market. However, it did witness a marginal decline in its overall shipments due to the delayed supplies in the country. However, it retained its second position in the consumer segment as its shipments saw a 28.8 per cent yearly growth in Q2 2021. In 2Q22, Dell Technologies remained second behind HP with a 21.6% market share and a 15.2% YoY increase.

In addition to disclosing financial results in accordance with US GAAP, this document contains references to the non-GAAP financial measures below. Certain of these non-GAAP financial measures are used in our performance-based RSUs and our annual cash bonus plan. While HP Inc did see a marginal decline in the overall sales figures, the company continues to lead the market accounting for 30.8% of total shipments in the second quarter of 2022. The manufacturer performed well in the commercial notebook category thanks to government deals and some pending enterprise orders. Jaipal Singh, Research Manager, Client Devices, IDC India said, “The tremendous growth in India’s consumer notebook segment is attracting many smartphone brands to explore this category. The country offers huge potential for all brands to grow if they timely address the demand, which is slowly shifting to entry-level price points.

He cited 17% growth in Dell’s midrange storage business, which is higher than market rivals NetApp Inc. and Pure Storage Inc., plus the momentum of its PowerStore servers, where almost a quarter of customers were new. Compal said it now expects total global notebook shipments to grow to 145 million units this year, lower than its previous forecast of 160 million to 165 million units. This non-GAAP financial measure is helpful in understanding our capital requirements and sources of liquidity by providing an additional means to evaluate the cash flow trends of our business.

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