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For this method, instead of cornrows, you’ll be braiding or tightly twisting small sections of hair into singles. Having extra packs gives you room to explore and make mistakes without it being too much of a nuisance. You can make errors and still have enough hair to get the half split dyed curly hair style you’re looking for. If you want variations of color in your locs, you can use Lulutress or Outre Braids products. You can get beautiful blond or fall colors in your hair and stand out in any crowd. Both brands have a variety of colors and tones for you to pick from.

However, you need to ensure that you properly dry out the moisture so your hair doesn’t smell. If you prefer not to airdry, you can also dry it out with a hand dryer. That said, cleansing your scalp and using a dry shampoo like this one is a great way to maintain some level of cleanliness when you have your locs in. You may need to re-wrap a few locs here and there, and use some edge control on new growth. Use a braids spray and preferred oil of your choice or mousse to keep them looking vibrant.

Taking the longer section of the extension chunk, wrap it around your twist/braid and the shorter section. You want these twists to be tight enough to secure the hair but not too tight where it’s causing discomfort. Repeat this process, twisting the hair in the same place, close to the root, until you’re confident you made a strong enough base for your loc. They are a protective style that protects your hair from damage and allows average hair growth. That being said, butterfly locs and other distressed locs have more surface areas and carry more water when wet.

Most of the time, wavy or curly filler hair is used to give this protective style extra volume and oomph. And when you use colored filler hair, you get an awesome pop of color that takes your butterfly locs to the next level. A big step in achieving this look is adding in the extra hair that wraps around your box braids. You can make this process a hundred times easier just by using a proper hook tool. The locs are made with wavy hair and are looped into a braid using a crochet needle.

Now take the crochet hook and secure the loop on the hook and close it. After your loop is secured within the hook, you can pull the hook out of your section . This will feed the hair through your own; make sure one side of your section has less hair (¼) on it than the other.

“With long hair, you can fold your braid to be the same length as the butterfly loc that you are installing,” says Pierre. If you are not sold on the freetress hair and you want to see what different types of hair will look like using this technique watch this video. Butterfly locs is a technique created by stylist @laidby.cb and most of the time they are shoulder length, or bob length, which helps them to look super chunky and cute.

Never comb these hairs unless they are damp and contain conditioner. So once you’ve decided to invest time into this style, plan out your day and clear your schedule. Take a minute to check out the wide range of color schemes, patterns, and styles in this quick compilation.

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