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She continues to struggle and Gordon has to watch her like a hawk. Finally, Gordon lays down the law and says if she doesn’t really want to be involved, she might as well stop. Sakis, a Greek immigrant, bought Spin-A-Yarn in 1995. The restaurant has been a local institution for a long time. He hired a bartender named Jennifer and went on to marry her.

The chef of the restaurant was Rita’s ex-husband. He also motivates the sisters and the chef to do better. Jennifer was always accused of being a trophy wife and being a gold digger. She marries an elderly man who is almost two decades her senior. During Gordon’s visit to their home, she even calls him a “beast.”

In response, the husband and wife team allegedly began posting torrents of abuse directed at commentors on their business’s Facebook page. Filming at the restaurant before Ramsey arrived showed diners waiting more than hour for their meals, with Amy cooking each meal one at a time. Gordon goes into the kitchen to meet the kitchen team.

While Gordon was able to temporarily increase business, they got hit hard by the Great Recession. The slow business combined with high overhead spelled doom for the ailing restaurant and it closed in August of 2009. Throughout the episode, she cries often as it really pains her that her parents are constantly fighting and they are on the verge of losing everything. She serves as one of the waitresses in the restaurant in order to cut costs so she sees everything that is happening. She gets reassurance from Chef Gordon Ramsay that he will do everything in his power to help them. One of five restaurants featured in Season 5 that are still in business .

It is pretty obvious Jen’s main interest in Saki is his money. She claims she spent $950,000.00 remodeling the restaurant with a bunch of sofas and some marble counter-tops. The odds are she scammed Saki out of a lot of money, and her boyfriend was the contractor on the job. Their so-called daughter, Mikayla, shows no love or affection for her alleged father, Saki. It is a sad family to watch, when it was all built on Jen’s greed and lies. What Makayla said was wrong, she got kicked out of the kitchen and made that remark to a man who feeds, pays her check for her and her mom.

We invite you to use our commenting platform to engage in insightful conversations about issues in our community. We might permanently block any user who abuses these conditions. Despite the lack of consistency in the dishes, most people really seemed to be enjoying themselves, which is a tribute to the competent, hospitable staff. At dinner, our server announced the specials and mentioned a menu item that wasn’t available.

I was actually scared of losing the love of my life. I did not know how I would take care of myself if I found out that I was not the one that I thought. In this story our hero is a man named Saki Kavouniaris who is in the process of divorcing his wife. He goes to the beach to try to forget the divorce, but his wife is there too. The Spin A Yarn Yelp reviews aren’t quite as good, though, as the restaurant has just 3.5 stars. The next day, Gordon tells the owners that they need to focus on a single cuisine, and changes the name of the restaurant to Spin A Yarn Steakhouse.

Throughout the episode , Jennifer would be the stereotypical “dumb blonde.” She was incapable of mixing drinks or carving meat. She also blew nearly a million dollars on the restaurant’s renovation starting with a restroom that cost $80,000 and did not even bother to compute her costs or to even set a budget. When Gordon stepped into the doors of Lido , he was surprised at how young the owner was, as many of the owners he had met in the show were middle-aged or elderly people. During the time of filming, she was only twenty-eight years old and she owned the restaurant at the age of twenty-three.

It is a story that is told as a series of flashbacks, each of them telling us about a different moment in Saki’s life and his emotions as he goes about his divorce. The flashbacks were shown to us in a very haunting fashion in the trailer. Each time we saw the flashback another emotion was painted on our screens.

Then comes the first prime rib of the night, but Jen cuts the pieces too big. This adds up and they run low on prime rib as ALL the Sharks players that have come in have elise joan ex husband ordered prime rib! Victor saves the day when he reveals he made an extra prime rib just in case. Gordon implores Saki, Jen and Mikayla to work together as one unit.

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