Best Place to Put Gun in Car Gun Holster for Car Center Console

Not exactly a holster but serves the same purpose in a car. A two-piece holster for you Gerber Center-Drive multi-tool. Clips conveniently to your belt and keeps your tool within hand’s reach. I will be adding something a little more “fixed” and better for draw.

Well, it varies state to state, so you’ll have to check your state gun laws regarding concealed or open carry in a vehicle. But for those that are legally allowed to open carry in a vehicle, this mounted holster system makes carrying so much easier and more comfortable. Universal Pistol Holder for your vehicle center console. Holders made to hold single pistol or two pistols with quick store and easy to draw design. This insert will work with almost any standard semi automatic modern pistol. Small to large the universal design accommodates almost all makes and models with ease.

IronMount’s magnet system holds up to 43 lbs according to their product specs. When I first saw magnetic crossing hockey sticks gun holders, I was skeptical. I mean, how is a refrigerator magnet going to hold your gun up.

For extra security, you can lift up truck carpeting and then mount the gun on the space below – if any. If you are looking for another ideal spot to keep your gun, consider under the car seats. It’s a place where you can easily access it in an emergency situation. It’s well hidden from thieves, and in fact, not too many of them would even think of looking for it under there. Just mount a gun magnet beneath the car seat – you can use a solid metal and maybe a tape to position it in place – and then stick your gun in place.

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When you’re about to leave your vehicle you can quickly detach the holster and gun to be stowed away in a locked glove compartment or center console. We highly recommend not leaving the gun in the holster while your vehicle is unoccupied. The holster detaches from each mounting system very easily and can be tucked away when you leave. That’s illegal and if you got pulled over you’re screwed.

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