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On her blog you’ll find a tab to a page called “Swoon” where the photos will make you do just that. She also has a page dedicated to rescue pups, each accompanied with stunning photos and fun facts about each dog. Ever wonder how to live a ‘champagne lifestyle’ on a beer budget? With over 19,000 Instagram jeremy hutchins gay followers, this blogger knows how to look the part without sacrificing her wallet. Hannah not only shares her financial advice and knack for getting the best deals, but offers a look into her life as she navigates a new career path in Southern California. Did I mention her adorable dogs, Zoey and Archie?

They address (or don’t address!) the negative comments and move on. Would just like to mention Gala’s recent post on the magical pills…I feel almost bad for the huge number of girls who smacked down plenty of $$ shipping those stupid vitamins from Canada in the hopes of perfect skin. Even the bloggers who REALLY make a living from just their blog will often freely admit to how much they make, and I can’t think of one who lives as extravagantly. You can call it “sell out” or anything you like, but if people are actively going for these offers, it is their own issue.

Hannah’s page is worth checking out not only for the content but because it’s streamlined and easy to navigate (plus, her photos are gorgeous!). Tracy is an Upper West Sider and is married with an adorable dog and a lovely cat. She is a ballet dancer turned interior designer turned blogger with over 7,000 ‘likes’ on Facebook and nearly 3,000 Twitter followers. Her blog is very New York centric with advice for both locals and tourists alike. With features on people, food, style, culture and several posts added each week, visitors to this blog are sure to fall in love with the city that never sleeps.

He helped me make every adult decision I ever made and was by my side for every major event in my life. It sounds silly, but I believe he really shaped the person I am today. He moved into my first place with me in college, attended my last day of school , was there when Jonny and I met, bought our first home, present at our wedding and with a smile at the top of the stairs every day since. He made me smile and laugh each day, even in the worst of moods. I hope you had a nice 4th with your loved ones and friends. I have talked about fitness on occasion and workouts that I like …

They may be few and far between as I am not a fitness guru by an means, but when I find something I love I always want to share it with you guys right away. I am so excited to talk about CycleBar with you. Not only is it my new favorite workout, but my little sister is instructing at their DTC location and I just can’t get enough of these classes . As many of you know she just moved home from NYC and CycleBar has been the perfect place for her to bring her love for music, choreography, and tap-backs to Colorado. This will forever be one of my favorite shoots, and favorite days. It was one of our last outings with Mr. Brown and it was perfect.

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It’s the same on pretty much every blog you’ll ever visit, ever. There weren’t even any serious comments (although I’m guessing there were angrier responses that got disappeared of course?). All of this is ridiculous — it’s called CENSORSHIP, how does that fit in with iCing’s sweet pretty pink everyone-do-what-they-want image?! So much for ‘everyone has the freedom to embrace the Universe’ — more like ‘everyone has the freedom to embrace the Universe BUT ONLY IF THEIR OPINIONS MATCH MINE.’ Nice. These are also people who will pick you up if your luck hits the skids. Unfortunately, unlike Gala, not many people who dream of self-employment have/had this sort of financial backing.

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