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Many of Elina’s winged friends lose their flying abilities and become weak due to a green-colored potion spread throughout the meadow by firebirds sent by an evil fairy named Laverna. Elina sets off to save her meadow and her friends by tracking down Azura, one of 7 Guardian Fairies, who would later be captured by Laverna. Along the journey, Elina encounters a young merman named Nalu with a hint of romantic feelings felt between them. This 41st and currently the latest film entry stars Barbie going on a cross-country trek with friends in this interactive special and makes big decisions about the future.

When they explore the Horse festival, the girls get separated from their puppies and must find them before the big dance. This would be the last film/movie entry starring Barbie another character as future films in the series would feature her as herself from hereon in. Based on the Mark Twain classic tale and the first musical film in the series, this 4th film stars Barbie as the dual role of blonde Princess Anneliese and brunette commoner Erika, who go along a journey towards a lifelong friendship. The two soon discover the Queen’s advisor, Preminger, has evil plans to take endless power for himself. This 2nd entry based on the classic tale by the Brothers Grimm stars Barbie plays Rapunzel who is trapped in a tall tower by an evil witch.

In tiny white writing on the back of the box, right next to the large Barbie and the Secret Door decoration, it says “Princess Malucia™ Doll.” Like my previous reviews of the Kitty Surprise toys, this is a post that I didn’t plan on writing. During one of my “research” outings a few days ago, I saw a doll in the Barbie section that stopped me in my tracks. I’d never seen this particular doll before, and she intrigued me to the point that I put everything else on hold so that I could take a closer look at her.

This 6th film entry and the 2nd original film in the series stars Barbie as a talented ice skater named Princess Annika. When her family and village are attacked by the evil Wenlock, she embarks on a journey to the Cloud Kingdom on the back of her flying pegasus, Brietta, who is actually the cursed older sister of Annika. Together, they uncover family secrets and make a plan to defeat Wenlock to save their people.

The resemblance is not as exact as I thought it might be, but the two faces are still very similar. The biggest difference is in the mouth and chin shape, and in the painted style of the irises. I can’t get too worked up over the “copying” seen here, since it’s just Mattel copying itself.

I guess the bigger issue for me is that it’s depressingly unimaginative to just re-do the Ever After High face…especially when there’s such a unique and interesting movie character that could have been used to inspire this doll’s features. I was anxious to see how similar Malucia is to the Ever After High dolls, and if perhaps she could make a good younger sister for these characters. The puff sleeves are gathered with elastic, nenuco baby dolls and the elastic is nice and loose , which makes it easy for many different dolls to get their hands through the sleeves. This doll does not have bangs like the movie character, but I think that was a good choice. Having seen the movie, I really wish there was a doll who looked like Princess Malucia. I hadn’t heard of the Secret Door movie when I first saw this doll, so it took me a while to figure out who she was meant to be.

This 13th film entry and the 3rd musical film stars Barbie and her best friend Teresa sharing their love of music until Stacie interrupts them by barging into their room and murmuring loudly the altercation with her best friend Courtney. To make Stacie change her mind about working things out with her, Barbie tells her a story about best friends Liana and Alexa who like Barbie and Teresa share their love of music and navigate peasant life together. One day, along a journey they encounter an old woman who needed food from them, which they, travel together on a dangerous journey. The friends and with the help of song, they overcome challenges on their journey and learn how powerful friendship can be. One day, a prince named Antonio and his right-hand man, Fraser, arrives on the island and meets Rosella, who was at first known as simply Ro, and her pet friends to explore civilization. Together, they discover a plot to take over the kingdom and do what they can to try to save the day.

To her surprise, Alexa™ has magical powers in this world, and her new friends are certain that only she can restore magic to their land. Discover what happens when Alexa™ finds the courage to stand up for what’s right and learns that the power of friendship is far more precious than magic. This collection of dolls captures the moment when the co-stars throw a tea party. Choose from the fairy and the mermaid dolls looking eye-catching in bright fashions.

I initially wanted Malucia to look a bit more like an EAH doll so she’d fit in with them flawlessly, but there’s something about her smaller head and the shape of her face that I prefer more. Looking at Mattel’s new Princess Malucia makes me imagine two dolls that I would love to see on the market. First, I would be very interested in a doll that actually resembles the Malucia villain from the Barbie and the Secret Door movie.

In the all new DVD Barbie and The Secret Door, Princess Alexa finds herself in a magical world filled with brilliant color and fantastical characters. This gorgeous doll captures the beauty of the Nori the fairy wearing her radiant finale look that fans of the film will recognize. Resonating with neon glitz, her outfit features unique details, sparkling accents and touches. Fairy-tastic accessories include strappy orange shoes and a matching headpiece.

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