An Honest Review of Prose Custom Hair Care in 2022

While you’re at it, scoop a whole personalized line that will address your hair issues faster than you think. If you really think about it, everyone is different, live a different lifestyle in a specific place. So all that information must be considered when developing a customized product. And that’s really their leverage against mass products. More often than not we feel bad when products that work for everybody don’t really work for us. If you want to try a hair mask, but you aren’t ready to commit to buying a product, try cooking up a hair mask at home.

If your formula focuses on detoxifying, it’ll likely be grey thanks to charcoal powder and will contain eucalyptus essential oil. Or if your formula is geared towards soothing, it’ll be powdery pink in color and will contain grapefruit essential oil. Welcome back to #AskThePros, where The Pros—your support team of custom hair care experts—break down our biggest customer questions.

The Hair Mask is a 250mL tub containing a thick, yellowish mix that was more liquid than your typical conditioner. Even the frizzy hair was soft to the touch, and not dry and “crunchy” as it usually was. As you’ve probably gathered, I am very happy with my overall experience with Prose. The second option includes contacting Prose and working directly with their team to further hone in on your particular formula.

It would be helpful if there were online instructions for the at length hair mask. My instructions were accidentally thrown away in a mad cleaning frenzy and I don’t remember the length of time it said to leave it in before shampooing and front pieces hair dyed conditioning. While I loved the shampoo and pre-shampoo masks, I did find that my conditioner didn’t provide enough moisture. Because I bleach my hair, I didn’t feel like the conditioner that was created for me had enough hydration.

EWG Skin Deep is an online database where you can look up skincare and makeup products to see what their ingredients are, the toxic load of those ingredients, and their overall score based on safety. The “ingredient hazard score” ranges from 1-10 and is determined through an analysis of known and suspected hazards of ingredients. A score of 1-2 is considered low hazard, 3-6 is moderate hazard, and 7-10 is high hazard. The highest score listed for an ingredient used by Prose is a 4. I would definitely need to change the formula, as my lifestyle and hair length has changed.

They’ll also send you a prepaid return label so you can send your original products back to them free of charge. Prose offers a couple of opportunities to “fix” your formula if you’re not happy with it. Below these sections, you’ll also find a full ingredient list if you’re interested in seeing all the tiny details that go into your formula. If you’re interested in all of the questions that you will be asked, then watch the clip below where I will walk you through the entire consultation!

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