Air Hockey Table by Gold Standard Games Home Pro

There are also 5ft tables that are fun and made with kids and families in mind. Just remember to use your legs and not your back when trying to lift and move one of these tables, no matter what their size and weight are. Also, the goals need to be just large enough to make sure the puck can fit in nice and easily. Too small of goals will not be sportcraft airhockey table accepted anywhere including recreational play. Of course, some common sense needs to be applied as you do not want to big of holes or they might interfere with game play and the smooth movement of the puck. When you place this size of table in your home or public business, you are going to need a lot of room for the players to play correctly.

If you’re short on space or just want something you can pull out for game night, the Sport Squad HX40 is an excellent choice. This tabletop air hockey table has a high-quality wood frame and a slick playing surface with continuous airflow. The simple design of this compact air hockey table features manual sliding scorekeepers and goal boxes. It comes with two strikers and two pucks, which glide across the surface, thanks to a 100-volt fan motor. Though it’s on the bigger side for a home air hockey table, users say this pick from MD Sports was incredibly easy to build for even one person .

This category of air hockey table is best for people who want to purchase a table for indoor use. Tables that fall under this category are conveniently available at sports stores. Tables that measure 4 to 6 feet can also be carried to other places for recreational purposes. Again, this will vary depending on your needs and your budget. As long as your air hockey table accommodates the ages and skill levels of your family, it is a great pick. If you have a bit more to spend, invest in a higher-quality pick that will last for years.

It is suitable for people who have a large space, so they can accommodate it easily. When factoring in the ideal space to set aside for your intended table, remember to leave enough room around the table because air hockey players move a lot when making shots or defending their goal. Apart from creating space that can accommodate the dimensions of the air hockey table, it is recommended to allow for 2 to 3 feet around the table for unrestricted movement. For instance, a full-size table would require approximately space measuring 10 by 7 feet, and a table measuring 8 by 6 feet would fit in a room of 12 by 8 feet. If you are going to have spectators and furniture in the same room, then space of 15 by 10 feet should be sufficient for most average size air hockey tables.

These can be easily carried to different places for recreational purposes. The Air hockey Player Association and United States Air Hockey Association are the regulatory bodies of air hockey, who stated the regulations for a standard size air hockey table. The dimensions of air hockey tables in this category differ from one model to another, with the majority of them measuring 2 feet in length. We’ve saved this table for last because at the time of writing this article, it has the most features of any home full-sized table on the market.

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