Abuja’s outdoor herbal mixtures: Good medicine or desperate measure?

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This Annex also provides information on the safety, storage, packaging and transport of fresh herbs. Make sure that contamination of lead in fresh herbs remains below 0.30 mg/kg and cadmium below 0.20 mg/kg, according to the maximum levels for certain contaminants in foodstuffs. Yohimbine, Pausinystalia Yohimbe is an evergreen tree native to West Africa.

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The emergence of chloroquine and sulphadoxime/pyrimethamine resistant malaria in Nigeria may have informed the use of herbal medicines by the respondents. Several medicinal plant extracts were studied at research centres in African countries for their antioxidant properties. Although known antioxidant compounds such as ascorbic acid have been confirmed to promote wound healing, not all the newly identified compounds have been tested for such activity [488–491]. Animal studies were also conducted to assess the antioxidant properties of several medicinal extracts.

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