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Adding extra words or hyphens to your brand name to create a compromised web address confuses your branding. Your brand name should be the name your customers use when they think or talk about you. You can’t build a brand out of a purely descriptive name – but hinting at the nature of your business is a good idea. If you choose with care, your name can give your target customers an idea about what your business does, its strengths or its benefits. Similarly, you could go with a name that highlights an element of your value proposition.

Stating the obvious in a business name is a fun way to call attention to your products. In this case, “small cakes” uses its business name to describe the products it sells and the services it offers. The name combines “credit” and “credibility” something both customers want to know a company has once they have enlisted their services. As the name suggests, the squatty potty is a device used to help people go a little easier. It’s descriptive and playful which is perfect for the task at hand.

But when you have your shortlist, a combination of left-brain logic and right-brain creativity – emotion AND logic – will lead you to the correct decision. Because if your business is successful, your apparently ‘meaningless’ name will gradually start to mean something… Don’t add words or hyphens or use obscure domain endings. An exact-match .com domain protects a brand, and gives it credibility. To solve the problem of getting a great quality .com domain for your business, you can buy a domain ‘off the shelf’ – known as a brandable domain.

They cover personal loans, credit cards, mortgages, student loans, investing, and everything else you can think of in the world. When people don’t consider nerds to be super fun, nerds definitely know their stuff, and spending like one could save names for stuffed animals you lots of trouble. This is what makes nerdwallet an amazing name for a financial advice site. Before your startup is ready to launch, you have to think carefully about your strategy, planning, and the brand image you’ll present to consumers.

And review only the best candidates on your list of potential names. Here are some simple tips to help you create cool name ideas and catchy name ideas for your business. Cool name ideas and catchy business name ideas often go hand in hand. If a name is catchy, there’s a good chance it’s cool.

Your business name is opportune real estate for a mini elevator pitch before you even speak to a prospect. To brainstorm a descriptive company name, consider stating what you do and how in a few words. Then, pare it down to the essential words or phrases and see how those look on screen and sound out loud. This pottery company makes greenware often compared to a soft-greenish gray coloring.

Complex, long, or hard to pronounce business names are hard to remember and hinder the branding process. Business names should be only 2-3 words at most, and it’s something our algorithm accounts for when generating results. Choose a brand name that’s easy to remember to improve your chances of building a strong identity. Then convert your potential customers by creating a great brand.

When naming a security company, you want to use words with power and force, like elite, security, and protection. Technology companies are much easier to name and can have really fun, creative, and unique titles. When the same word is frequently seen in companies of the same theme, it gets a little old, and a lot of times hard to distinguish the difference between them all. One of the best ways to attract customers to a new business or brand is by coming up with a unique and strong business name. Doola products may not be available to all customers. The main thing we would say when using this strategy is to make sure that your name matches with what you’re doing.

Anyone can use it to find the perfect name for their business and brand. To get access to all of Wix’s dedicated tools for building your online business, you’ll need to register an account with Wix. Funny business names shouldn’t be at the top of your list. However, this will be somewhat dependent on the industry you’re looking to enter. Try and play around with words that have double meanings to convey a sense of fun.

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