3 Ways to Mount TV in a Dorm Room without Making Holes

Keep seasonal clothes dust free and out of the way in smart under the bed storage that also makes moving that much easier. Living off-campus at college gives you lots of freedom. That’s why we’ve got a huge variety of solutions to accommodate your college apartment needs, no matter the size of the space. Take full advantage of your newfound independence by building your ideal college apartment – maybe you’ll even impress your parents in the process.

Multifunctional furniture saves space by integrating two or more functions into one piece of furniture eliminating the need for multiple pieces. Here are some of the best multifunctional and space-saving dorm furnishings money can buy. We suggest that you get an aesthetically pleasing TV and a stand to complement your taste. It is better not to go overboard with unpleasant colors and construction. If you have decided to mount your TV on top of the cabinet or drawer, congratulations! You have plenty of space to keep all the components that come with the TV.

This edgy contemporary pub set is constructed of faux terrazzo with a brass metal frame. No one tells you, but college requires many, many wash cycles to graduate. Enclosed and locking dorm bulletin boards are great for posting flyers so that they can’t be tampered with. Open faced cork boards, though, are the perfect choice for a community board where students post their own messages and notes for each other.

By choosing the right dorm room essentials, you can express your sense of style while getting the most out of any space. Find space saving solutions that make living in a dorm more comfortable and organized. A homework station with swiveling shelves is the perfect addition to your dorm. This compact workspace can hold your laptop and printer and it comes with tons of storage including 6 open shelves and 2 behind a cabinet door. The left 3 shelves can swivel in and out to create a movable compact workspace.

Portable racks are very valuable, and with so many sizes and schemes available, they tend to be difficult to choose from. Either way, check your planners for nursing students options ahead of time, but do not overdo it and choose the best one too soon. In a dorm compact furniture is key because it takes up less space.

When space in the dorm is limited, you may need to consider which options will give you more space to store the TV or keep it away. If you answered “yes” to both questions, this Game Central TV Stand is a college essential dorm product that is perfect for you. The Game Central TV Stand stores, protects, and organizes your dorm room video game stuff in one convenient place. With this college dorm furniture Game Central TV Stand, your video gaming supplies are safe and sound in your dorm room. Having a kitchen means you don’t have to settle for the dining hall and meal plans anymore.

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