25 Gorgeous Ways to Highlight Your Hair in 2022 See Photos

If your natural hair color has red tones, you’re best off with some strawberry blonde highlights that blend well with the rest. Meet the trend that is especially fitting for the light-filled days of spring and summer. Effectively, playground highlights recreate the look of virgin hair naturally highlighted by the sun – just like when you were a child. Taylor Swift’s hair color here is a great example for blondes. “Using Taylor’s already light base color, fine blonde highlights have been added throughout,” says Hazan.

By adding some silver baby lights you are able to transition your years of color to your natural color. This 2-step process can be a little more expensive than just adding peekaboo’s using traditional hair color. Don’t worry, you too can add some flare to your natural ginger locks by adding some highlights. By breaking up the black hair with streaks of a lighter color, you can smoothly transition out of a solid black color in a gradual way. Sometimes just adding a pop of color around the face can be a fun change by adding some face faming highlights. She wants to add some depth to her hair, but she is not ready to make her hair all dark brown.

Kelly Hu’s natural grays work to beautifully highlight and frame her face while adding a certain playfulness to her long, dark locks. At some point in our lives, many of us will experience that natural transition to gray hair. While some may choose to color their hair, others might go the route of embracing their natural hue. The latter can be a truly liberating decision and allows you to explore a brand-new color. In our opinion, gray is just as beautiful and complex as any other shade.

The soft blonde color and tousled choppy waves make a harmonious couple. Now, we’re starting to see a variation of the rogue streak pop up on American celebrities, like Beyoncé and Jackie Aina. To see how the chunky-gone-chic highlight reads up close, scroll ahead. Let it inspire you to try the retro technique — in a cotton-candy pink fringe or a platinum streak — at your next appointment. Money highlights come out a lot softer and prettier when they are a shade or two lighter than the rest of the hair. Well, this striking scheme offers an approach that is contrary to natural blending but the placement still allows for linking the money piece with the blonde on the ends.

Instead of bleaching all your hair in one go, try transitional bronde balayage instead. It will help you figure out how blonde ice cube long hair hair will look on you. Lighter shades of blonde – like golden, honey, and strawberry – add more gloss to your hair.

One way to funk up gray hair is to add a tinge of purple. A lilac overlay both softens Kelly Osbourne’s structured chin-length bob and complements her fair complexion. In case hair color upkeep is not your strong suit, no biggie. This lighter hue will fade more naturally than a deeper shade.

This hair color technique is also known as “foiling.” Your stylist lightens strands of hair from the root to the end. Then, they leave your natural hair color between the foils to create depth and dimension. The price you pay for your mane will always fluctuate based on where you are and whether you’re going to a high-end salon or somewhere more affordable. A halo of lighter color around your face will draw attention to your eyes without any harsh lines. But, as Ciara proves, adding a bit of visible root gives curlights more edge.

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