20 Gorgeous Senegalese Twist Hairstyles For Women To Try

This way, you can extend the total time of your twist hairstyle. Apply a bit of product to the ends so the twist stays in place. Once you get to the end of your hair, hold the strands in 1 hand, scoop a bit of hair gel with the other, and rub the product onto the end of your hair. Curly hair often stays in place on its own, although you can use small hair ties to secure the ends if you’d like. Flat twists in the front of the head can also help cut down on styling time and give a youthful vibe.

Most hair stylists will work with you to get the pattern you want, so it’s not just the one flower hairdo. Add an ancient feel to your twists by copying this hairstyle. You will need professional help to get this hairdo done as it requires a lot of thread work done. These colorful Senegalese twists look amazing in a high ponytail. The best part is this look is so easy to obtain, and there are so many ways you can pull this look off.

For example, you can get chemical relaxers applied. Thus, your hair will be relaxed temporarily and less damaged. However, your hair will not be perfectly straight. You can always add some more oomph to your texture by adding some braided elements. Anything from tight fishtail braids to loose pull-through ideas will look ravishingly on your long locks. To be completely transparent, I’m guilty of making this mistake more times than I’d like to admit.

But nowadays, if you happen to fall down the rabbit hole of tuts on YouTube, you’ll be there for hours. The best thing is, twisted hairstyles can conceal second-day hair. In fact, they’re even easier to recreate in this case. Since such ideas look pretty simple, you can breathe individuality into it with a creative approach to the texture or accessories. For casual looks, a slightly texturized bun will do just great. And when it comes to special occasions, some hair embellishments will make your bun a red-carpet ‘do.

Since my hair tends to be a bit on the dryer side, I sometimes overcompensate with extra product to make sure each section is properly saturated. Using too much product can often lead to an unsuccessful twist out or lack of curl, since the hair will likely not dry properly, kombucha for hair growth even overnight. You can also color your hair from the root if you want more highlights or use different colors to bring more color to your passion twists. The trick here is to gently dry your hair while allowing it and the product to air dry as much as possible.

You’re not using the right products for your hair texture. My hair has been natural, or chemical-free, since about my junior year of college, when I decided to solve the mystery of what my curl pattern actually looked like. I’ve been proudly rocking my tightly wound coils ever since I found out. ‘You need to make sure that the sections of hair that you’re working with are roughly the same length.

Although half-ups create tons of visual volume on the crown, there’s no limit to perfection. Apart from playing around with textured braided buns or loose knots on top, you can also add some movement to the rest of the hair. For instance, try waves if your hair is not afraid of heat. Or, you can go for heatless methods like braiding your wet hair and unraveling it when it’s completely dry.

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